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The Stoner Mom gives excellent Review

This week, we received a glowing review of our CBD product line from The Stoner Mom. The article gushes that we have a “truly unique product line” with “delicious organic flavorings and beautiful packaging.” It summarizes by stating that our entire topical CBD line is one of the most effective and that “Mission Farms tinctures are hands down some of the best.” We agree!

Read the detailed product review from The Stoner Mom on their website:

The text of the full article follows:

Mission Farms CBD Review

Mission Farms CBD has a truly unique product line in the heavily saturated CBD industry. Providing premium CBD oil that is then infused with additional essential oils, Mission Farms CBD products are one of kind. With tinctures specially formulated to target discomfort, stress, and sleeplessness, plus a powerful line of topical CBD products, Mission Farms is ready to make you feel good again. Mission Farms CBD features hand-crafted products made from award-winning hemp, with delicious organic flavorings and beautiful packaging. Read on for my full Mission Farms CBD review and see why this is my recommended brand for sharing the power of CBD with the uninitiated.

Key Highlights

  • Unique CBD tinctures are infused with essential oils for a complex terpene profile that provides specialized relief.
  • Mission Farms owns their hemp farms and oversees every step of production, from growing, harvesting, extracting, processing and shipping.
  • CBD extracted from top-shelf hemp. Hemp is planted, tended, and harvested by hand, and is pesticide and chemical free.
  • Independent testing done at three stages: on their hemp, extract, and every final CBD oil product.

CBD Products Available

Origin of Hemp

Bend, Oregon

“Our products are all hand-crafted using hemp grown in the Bend, Oregon region. The nutrient-rich, volcanic soil from central Oregon helps us grow the healthy, tall, and lush hemp plants we use in our CBD products. Our plants are planted, tended, and harvested by hand.”

Online Lab Results

Yes. Mission Farms CBD has a very consumer-friendly lab-results page that not only links to all third-party lab results but also walks you through the findings so you can understand what those results actually mean. Check it out here.

Mission Farms CBD Products I’ve Tried

CBD + Essential Oils Tinctures

Mission Farms tinctures are hands down some of the best. I am truly thoroughly delighted by this company’s unique approach to CBD tinctures. While most CBD companies keep things simple with pure CBD and sometimes added flavoring, Mission Farms combines their CBD with essential oils to achieve very specific results. Their CBD + essential oils tinctures are available in Relieve – for discomfort relief, Rest – for natural sleep, and Relax – for easing stress and stress.

For an idea of how their CBD and essential oil tinctures are formulated, here’s what their website has to say about the ingredients in their Relax tincture:

Organic MCT Coconut Oil — In addition to its many health benefits, it has a high percent of medium-chain triglycerides that specialize in delivering CBD and its benefits to the mind and body.

Whole Hemp Extract — Our extract comes from the hemp grown on our farms. It contains CBD that engages serotonin receptors in your nervous system making the serotonin your body naturally produces more abundant. The result is that you feel calmer and happier.

Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil — Known for its relaxing smell. Contains the terpene Limonene that enhances CBD’s ability to relieve stress and elevate mood.

Organic Orange Essential Oil — Known to elevate the mood. Contains the terpene Limonene that enhances CBD’s ability to relieve stress and elevate mood.

Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil — Contains the terpenes Linalool and Beta Caryophyllene both of which are known to relieve stress and stress.

Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil — Contains the terpenes Linalool and Terpinolene both of which are known to relieve stress and stress.

Mission Farms CBD oil formulations feature such a complex terpene profile, it’s no surprise that they are as effective as they are. In addition to their Relax formula they have:

Rest – A tincture for deepening your sleep naturally. Contains bergamot, lavender, orange and chamomile essential oils to relax the mind and relieve restlessness. Flavored with organic orange and lavender.

Relieve – A tincture for discomfort relief. Contains organic peppermint, rosemary, and clove oil to ease discomfort and reduce inflammation. Flavored with organic vanilla mint.

Each tincture is available in their full size which has 1000 mg of CBD, and their trial size containing 250 mg of CBD.

Pure CBD Tincture

If you’re more of a CBD purist and want to skip on the essential oils, Mission Farms offers a 250 mg, or 1000 mg tincture of only pure CBD and organic vanilla mint flavoring. Use for any of your CBD needs, be they physical, mental, or just for overall well-being.

Relieve CBD Joint and Muscle Gel

This stuff is no joke. With a total of 300 mg in their icy hot formula, this rich CBD gel is the solution for inflammation, joint discomfort and aching muscles. I’ve used this on my stiff neck and inflamed knees and it works wonders! This is definitely relief in a jar that every household would be wise to have on-hand. Like most of their products, the Relieve is specially formulated with ingredients that are known for easing discomfort, inflammation and are full of antioxidants. Their Joint and Muscle Gel contains essential oils like spearmint, pine needle, sweet basil, camphor and eucalyptus, just to name a few.

“The cooling effect of the gel desensitizes your nerves then the warming effect relaxes your muscles. Our award-winning CBD then goes to work easing discomfort and inflammation for hours to come… The CBD combats inflammation and an over-active immune response to your inflamed joints and muscles. It prevents your body from over-reacting to damage.”

Relax Goat Milk CBD Cream

CBD Creams are moisture-rich and full of nutrients that your skin loves and needs. Goat milk is heralded for its skin care properties and is high in alpha-hydroxy acid, which exfoliates the top layers of skin and stimulates production of collagen and elastin. That increased cell turnover means brighter, newer looking skin, that stays soft and vibrant. I’ve long used CBD in my favorite skin care products. CBD is a powerful antioxidant and its anti-inflammatory properties eases swelling, discomfort, and an overactive immune response to allergens.

Relieve Roll-On

CBD topicals are meant for targeted discomfort relief, and it doesn’t get more targeted than this precise CBD Roll-on. Perfect for providing spot relief on-the-go. Simply roll the small ball over your sore spots and rub the oil into the problem area. It’s the perfect size for keeping in the car or a purse so relief is always close at hand.

CBD + Goats Milk Bath Soak

CBD Bath Bomb are fit for a queen! CBD baths immerse your entire body in CBD, goat milk, and essential oils for the ultimate spa experience at home. CBD soaks reduce inflammation, ease discomfort, and relax tension. And like most of their products, Mission Farms’ bath soaks are crafted for specific conditions:

REST CBD SOAK has lavender to prepare your body for sleep.

RELAX CBD SOAK has grapefruit and ylang-ylang to relax your nervous system.

RELIEVE CBD SOAK has spearmint and eucalyptus to reduce discomfort and inflammation.

PURE CBD SOAK is just honey and oatmeal for extra-sensitive skin.

To prepare a CBD bath simply toss a handful of their bath soak into the tub and hop in! These small little CBD and goat milk shavings melt quickly in warm water and make your bath smell amazing. Each jar contains 300 mg of CBD to relax the entire body and sooth tense muscles.

Who Should Try Mission Farms CBD

I really love Mission Farms CBD and highly recommend their products for those looking for a fuller terpene profile than provided in most CBD oils. Their tinctures are powerful and taste amazing, and their entire topical line is one of the most effective I’ve tried. Hand crafted, beautifully packaged,  and made from award-winning hemp with the lab results to prove it.  Mission Farms is one of my top choices for gifting CBD products to those new to the cannabinoid. Learn more about Mission Farms CBD and browse their products at