Our CBD line of Gummies are great tasting and specifically formulated to deepen your sleep, ease your discomfort, and enhance your well-being.
How are our gummies different? We use fast-acting Nano CBD with organically-farmed Full Spectrum CBD and other premium ingredients, and manufacture in small batches so they are always fresh and ready to address your needs .

Rest CBD Gummies

Fast-acting bedtime treats to help you sleep

Full Spectrum CBD
+ Nano CBD
+ Lemon Balm
+ Valerian Root

Relieve CBD Gummies

Fast-acting relief for pain + Inflammation

Full Spectrum CBD
+ Nano CBD
+ Turmeric
+ Bromelain
+ Ginger Root Extract
+ Black Pepper Extract

Pure CBD Gummies

Fast-acting treats for daily wellness

Full Spectrum CBD
+ Nano CBD

CBD Gummies with Nano CBD - Mission Farms CBD


At Mission Farms CBD, we are committed to crafting the best tasting, most potent and effective CBD products on the market. We use natural extracts, premium nutrients, botanicals, and our organically farmed Full Spectrum CBD to target specific conditions effectively. We understand that for people to be completely satisfied, their bodies and their taste buds must be happy.

  • More Effective Ingredients: We use organically farmed Full Spectrum CBD and test it 4x to ensure its purity and potency. We add Nano CBD to make our gummies fast-acting. Then we include complementary cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC, as well as botanicals to enhance the efficacy of our products.
  • Delicious and Guilt-Free: Our gummies are vegan and all natural with no hempy taste. We use natural extracts for flavoring, and sweeten our products with beet sugar where most other gummies are made with high fructose corn syrup that is bad for you and the planet.


The Nano CBD in our gummies makes them more powerful than regular CBD gummies. Nano CBD is composed of very small CBD molecules that are combined with ingredients that make the CBD water-soluble. It is a technique that is often used in the pharmaceutical industry to increase the absorption rate of medications. The Nano CBD is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and then into your cells. The extra 4mg of Nano CBD in our gummies is like adding an additional 24mg of regular CBD. The Nano CBD provides faster and more effective relief, resulting in exceptional value.

  • Fast-Acting: Nano CBD is absorbed by your body 3x faster than regular CBD and is felt in as little as 15-minutes.
  • Extra-Strength: Nano CBD has a 6x greater absorption rate by your body than regular CBD due to the emulsification process.
  • Exceptional Value: Because Nano CBD is absorbed faster and more effectively, you need less than you would with CBD alone. This provides a great value with better results.
Woman eating Nano CBD Gummies - Mission Farms CBD