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Calm your Stress

Enhance Your Well-Being

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Are you tired, stressed, or sore? We’ve been there, and we want to see you thriving with our REST, RELAX, and RELIEVE CBD.

We are on the same quest for better health… without pharmaceuticals, nasty chemicals, and unwanted side-effects. That’s why we offer premium CBD Oils that are hand-crafted to offer you the rest, relaxation, and relief you need.

Feel Good Again with our
Targeted CBD Solutions

Here at Mission Farms, we have spent months in our labs creating formulas that target specific physical ailments and health conditions.

Our special hand-crafted combination of CBD, terpenes, and organic essential oils provide your body with the exact ammunition you need to address ailments like pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Why add Essential Oils?

Other sellers of CBD offer just plain CBD oils. Not us.

We have infused very specific essential oils into our CBD oils for a number of reasons:

  • Essential oils include terpenes, which are organic compounds that help improve the overall absorption of CBD by your body.
  • When certain terpenes are combined with our CBD, they can tackle exact medical conditions. So, we have formulated our Rest, Relax, and Relieve CBD oils to address specific ailments.
  • Essential oils add yummy flavors to our oils, so that you enjoy the overall CBD experience!

Premium and Pure

Our CBD is hand-harvested from our sun-drenched fields in Bend, Oregon.  Our team oversees every step of planting, growing, pressing, and producing our oils.

Also, we perform rigorous lab-testing to ensure total purity of our CBD oils.  We are proud to share our current Lab Results with you, as a promise of our integrity in our products. Also, read this latest blog post about our Lab Testing to understand how to read these results. 

What is in a bottle of our CBD Oils?

  • MCT Coconut Oil — In addition to its many health benefits, it has a high percent of medium-chain triglycerides that specialize in delivering CBD and its benefits to the mind and body.
  • Hemp Extract — Contains CBD which activates serotonin receptors resulting in reduced stress and anxiety and improved sleep. Also contains a variety of terpenes that make CBD more bio-available to the mind and body.
  • Organic Essential Oils – Yum.  Added for flavor as well as improved effectiveness at targeting specific health ailments.

Oh, and remember that our products never have pesticides, chemicals, fillers, or preservatives.

Be sure to also read our  User Guide to Mission Farms CBD Oils.

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Relieve CBD will ease your discomfort so you feel good again.


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