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The Best Way to Take CBD with You… and CBD Never Tasted this Good!

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Try Our Rest, Relieve, Relax, & Pure CBD Goat Milk Creams

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Premium CBD Oils

Rest CBD Oil

Deepen Your Sleep

Relieve CBD Oil

Ease Your Discomfort

Relax CBD Oil

Calm your Stress

Pure CBD Oil

Enhance Your Well-Being

The Mission Farms Advantage


Don’t settle for CBD that’s the equivalent of boxed wine. Our hemp wins awards because its grown organically in the sun-drenched, volcanic soil of central Oregon.

Products Crafted for
Specific Conditions

Sleepless? Anxious? In Pain? Mission Farms CBD is here to help. Our special formulations of CBD, essential oils, and terpenes enable us to target specific health conditions.

Purity Guaranteed
from Farm to Family

You can be confident in our quality. From growing and harvesting to extracting and packaging, we oversee the whole process. And we third-party test all along the way.



30 Mints per tin
300mg CBD


In stock


Our new Pure CBD Mints are the best way to take CBD with you on-the-go!  And they are delicious… CBD has never tasted so good!

With 10mg of CBD per mint, these cinnamon goodies are up to five times more effective than CBD gummies or capsules.  They are discreet, easy-to-carry, and great for the office, purse, or car.  Available in trial-size or full-size tins.


10 Mints per tin
100mg CBD


In stock

Luxurious CBD Goat Milk Creams

Rest CBD Cream

Deepen Your Sleep

Relieve CBD Cream

Ease Your Discomfort


Calm your Stress

Pure CBD Cream

Enhance Your Well-Being

Our Customers are Feeling Good Again

Ease your Discomfort with our Relieve CBD Products

All-natural CBD Goat Milk Soaps

Rest CBD Soap

Deepen Your Sleep

Relieve CBD Soap

Ease Your Discomfort


Calm your Stress

Pure CBD Soap

Enhance Your Well-Being

A Trusted Source Of CBD

With a lack of regulation in the CBD industry, you need a CBD source that you can trust. We get it.

One of the reasons we started Mission Farms CBD was so we could provide our families with the highest quality, organic CBD available. Our goal is to craft the the most healthy and effective CBD products on the market because we want our family, friends, and customers feeling good again, all-naturally.

Learn more about Our Story.

Of course, quality starts on the farm. You have the assurance that what arrives at your home began its journey on our organic farms in central Oregon.

CBD + Essential Oils Are Better Together

Most companies will sell you a plain old bottle of CBD. Not us.

We craft all-natural CBD solutions that target your specific health needs, such as better sleep, less anxiety, and relief from bodily discomforts. We do this by adding organic Essential Oils into our CBD blends to maximize the effect we want. Read more about how our CBD and Essential Oils are better together. Learn also about the benefits of our CBD from Mission Farms.

Read how our Rest CBD improves sleep, how our Relax CBD reduces anxiety, and how our Relieve CBD eases discomfort.


Includes Rest, Relax, and Relieve CBD
250mg of CBD per bottle


In stock

Get a Trial Size of our CBD Oils!

Not sure if CBD will work for you?
You’re not alone. A lot of people are new to CBD.
In fact, we were in the same position not long ago.

But now we’ve experienced all the benefits of CBD and we are so confident it will work for you, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our CBD products.


Enhance your Well-Being
250mg of CBD in 10 servings


In stock

Feel Good Again with our
Farm-to-Family CBD Solutions.


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