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How Long Does CBD Last? Your CBD Use FAQs Answered.

Ready to start using CBD? Great!Still have a few questions but are scared to ask? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.People use CBD in many different ways, for different reasons. There are a wide variety of CBD products on the market. But the ways that CBD works in the body aren’t always clear. It doesn’t get you “high” like the flowers of the cannabis sativa plant. It’s much more complicated and unique.Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about CBD and how to use it for your body’s benefit. Take time to research and test what works best for you.

How long does CBD last in your system?

It depends. This is highly contingent on someone’s age, weight, and metabolism. It also matters what form of CBD the person consumes. A 50mg topical treatment that’s absorbed through skin will likely exit the body quicker than a 1000mg softgel taken orally. This is why studying the effects of CBD and THC over time in a scientific setting can be difficult.

What affects how long CBD lasts in my body?

As previously mentioned, the form of the CBD product can affect how long the CBD itself stays in your system. Dosing can also affect things — CBD will naturally stay in the body longer if there are higher amounts of it present.If you’re worried about taking too much CBD, you can rest easy. A 2017 study found that humans can consume up to 1500 mg of CBD before risking side effects (and even those aren’t guaranteed to happen).In general, it’s best not to compare CBD to alcohol (or even cannabis) in regards to how it breaks down in the body. It attaches itself to completely different compounds and has different goals within the body than these other substances.

Do different CBD products break down in different ways?

Yes! This is partly why there are so many different CBD products on the market. People want to control the amount and rate of breakdown, so they can enjoy the effects as they wish.For example, our PURE CBD Softgels are designed to have a gradual and long-lasting effect. they may not provide immediate relief. But for people managing chronic pain or who may not be able to consume CBD throughout the day, this can be a lifesaver. Compare them to the PURE Gummies, which can act to help relieve inflammation in as little as 15 minutes.

Do topical CBD products get into your bloodstream?

Yes, but not how you may think. CBD doesn’t work like alcohol and isn’t always processed as food. It also works directly with the endocannabinoid system within your body, binding to certain messengers and moving toward wherever your body needs help with inflammation.If you decide to try a topical CBD product, it will first interact with the receptors on your skin and will eventually connect to other components of your endocannabinoid system. This is completely different from products consumed through the digestive system (which break down in a process more similar to nutritional supplements).

Can you take topical and oral CBD at the same time?

Yes. It’s perfectly safe to use different forms of CBD, especially if one of them is a topical product or is specifically designed to help with skin. CBD products don’t usually “clash” with one another to the user’s detriment.That said, please read the labels for every CBD product you decide to try and make sure the additional ingredients don’t clash. Most of the time, it’ll be fine. CBD products tend to use essential oils, goat’s milk, and other natural ingredients. But better safe than sorry.

CBD products seem like a fad, and I’m a little skeptical. Do “CBD creams” really work for pain?

Yes, they do work for most people. But we understand the skepticism — restrictions from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration restrict the language that companies have to use around CBD. There also aren’t universal standards for how much CBD must be in something for it to be officially labeled as a CBD product.When you shop for CBD products, look closely at the ingredients and their ratios. Look for a certificate of analysis (COA) that verifies they have been analyzed by a separate party for efficacy and amounts. There should also be information available about the hemp crop and batch from which the product was made. You may even see a serial number where you can look up the exact testing results for your product. Look for products from organic farms that don’t use pesticides (like Mission Farms CBD!).

What are the best CBD options for pain?

It highly highly depends on the type of pain you’re experiencing, as well as if it’s internal or external. Chronic pain may be better served by softgels that help with pain over a longer period of time. They can also help boost the effects of other CBD products you may use throughout the day. If you’re suffering from acute physical pain, such as joint pain, the RELIEVE Joint and Muscle Gel 7200 mg can help you target the exact areas you’re experiencing pain. It directly works to ease inflammation with a high concentration of pain, perfect for treating discomfort in the moment.If you want to use CBD products to treat different sources of pain at the same time, don’t worry. This is considered very safe and can be a great way to provide lasting relief over time. If you’re still worried, ask your health professional if using CBD may be beneficial for your health.

This product says it has a different type of CBD terpenes than this one. Is it safe to use them together?

Absolutely. Terpenes don’t clash with each other. In fact, they often work together to enhance their effects. “Full spectrum” CBD products feature as many terpenes as possible working together in harmony. Pain patients and other people looking to take advantage of the full spectrum effect often use these so they can fully take advantage of the entourage effect.

Wait, what’s the entourage effect?

Glad you asked! The entourage effect is a result of different CBD terpenes working together. There’s often more effective healing, less harsh side effects, and a better experience overall. This is why higher dose CBD products tend to be full spectrum, so they can use the full range of terpenes in tandem to produce optimal results.

My CBD product says there’s a small amount of THC inside. Is it going to get me high?

Not at all. It’s very common for CBD products to feature around 0.3% THC (usually less). This isn’t to get the user high, but to activate the effects of the different types of CBD in the product. It’s like putting salt on watermelon — you may not taste the salt, but the watermelon’s flavor comes out stronger.[Find Your CBD Solution Today – SHOP NOW!]