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How To Use CBD For Muscle Recovery

We all experience muscle pain at some point. Maybe you’re recovering from an injury, or you’re at the age where aches and pains are a normal part of life. But one thing remains true: if your muscles are recovering from something, there’s often pain involved. Depending on circumstances, recovery from muscle injury (or even just a really hard workout) is often a combination of diligent care and letting nature take its course while you rest. But what do you do about pain in the meantime?

There are few muscle recovery solutions that can be sustained long-term. Some muscle injuries can require weeks of recovery, especially if physical therapy is involved. Most of us don’t want to have to take NSAIDS or pain medication forever (or at least our kidneys don’t want that). Natural remedies can help, but often aren’t consistent or strong enough to completely alleviate pain. If you’re of a certain age or your injury is inconvenient, you might not be able to stretch or take baths with epsom salts.

But there’s one natural solution that isn’t addictive and won’t wear down your internal organs: CBD. This natural substance works within your body to help you achieve equilibrium, and promotes healing in a way that no other natural solution can. Read on to find out more about how to use CBD to help your muscles heal (and even enjoy immediate relief!).

How CBD Works With Muscles

As anyone who’s used Icy Hot® after sports practice knows, topical treatments are often the go to option for acute muscular pain. They can work in different ways, but they really just provide a temporary relief by stimulating the nerves near your skin as a distraction to real relief. It’s often not the best thing for dealing with acute or chronic pain. You need more than a distraction for that!

But CBD-based topicals are different and provide real benefits. CBD is full of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. These substances occur naturally in nature, even in our own bodies. In fact, there’s an entire system in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system. What’s that system? It focuses on regulation, making sure that our bodies aren’t ever thrown too far off balance.That applies to our moods, sleep, and our main focus today: inflammation. CBD-based topicals work in many ways but specifically they target receptors within the epidermis at skin level and interact directly with your body’s endocannabinoid system via the skin.

CBD is always on the lookout for inflammation, and it’s always ready to take it on. Cannabinoids are inherently built to bring our bodies up to equilibrium. There are even some (like cannabinol, a.k.a. CBN) that have been used to specifically target inflammation. As far as natural treatments go, you’d be hard pressed to find a more effective treatment than CBD.

Our Top Products for CBD Muscle Recovery

Here are our top selections for Mission Farms CBD products that can help with sore muscles, starting with our most potent offerings. Each of them is designed to address inflammation and may use different terpenes to achieve that. But we’re big fans of all of them, and happily recommend them for helping your body recover from exercise and injury alike.

7200mg RELIEVE CBD Joint and Muscle Gel

Yes, you read that right! Our newest gel is packed with CBD and features a higher concentration of CBD than any other topical on the market. It’s Full Spectrum CBD, too. That means all the terpenes are left in so they can work together (and enhance each other’s effects) in pursuit of calming your inflammation.

This ultra strength gel means business — in addition to Full Spectrum CBD, you’ll enjoy menthol, camphor, organic aloe juice, and meadow foam sea oil (yes, it smells amazing). Our RELIEVE Joint and Muscle Gel is 98% plant based, and was made with no chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides. Plus there is no extra water taking up space where the important stuff is.

We formulated our CBD gels so they would absorb fast and wouldn’t leave a residue. The focus is for them to work to relieve pain and inflammation quickly. We know not all “natural” solutions can cut it. But our New 7200mg RELIEVE Joint and Muscle gel does, and those living an active lifestyle that want to continue no matter how hard they go, will appreciate having this product at the ready. You might even get some requests to share and when you do, we have our Refer A Friend program that will benefit you both! 

PURE CBD Softgels

If you need help with general pain management, especially if it’s throughout the day, these softgels are the prime choice. There’s no taste and no application necessary. Just take it orally as you would any supplement. At 100mg of CBD per softgel, there’s plenty of relief on the way. The best part? They enhance the performance of any topicals you might choose to use on the targeted spot of inflammation.


Athletes and bikers may be familiar with how to use this topical treatment (it’s just like the balms for chafing!). Glide on some of this healing balm whenever your muscles act up and enjoy the cooling relief of menthol while keeping your hands free of products. Full Spectrum CBD directly addresses inflammation and goes after pain in a perfect goop-free balm.


Need a pain relief solution that can fit in a travel bag or purse? This mini roll-on is perfect for targeted pain relief on the go. In addition to organically sourced hemp, this roll-on spotlights a specific CBD terpene called humulene. Why?  Humulene is specifically used to help counter and treat inflammation in the body. Peppermint, clove, and eucalyptus essential oils provide an uplifting scent and make this small but powerful roll-on an easy addition to your travel or beauty bag.

CBD Goat Milk Creams

Here’s one for the skin care fans! Goat’s milk has been used for hundreds (if not thousands!) of years to moisturize and maintain healthy skin. Add in Full Spectrum CBD and you’ve got an anti-inflammatory team ready to help you feel better. This variation of CBD includes all cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing for the entourage effect to enhance and support the inflammatory response. They’re easy to use, and formulated to provide gentle relief. We offer our Goat Milk Creams specifically geared toward easing sore muscles, calming irritated skin, and supporting healthy sleep.

All of these products and more are available through Mission Farms CBD. We take pride in creating and curating natural CBD products designed to heal and soothe. Sometimes, they also smell amazing!

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