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Is CBD Legal in Arizona?

CBD products, like creams and topical gels, are great for treating dry skin, which is one of the many resourceful ways the residents of the Grand Canyon State are embracing the progressive Arizona CBD laws in 2024. As one of the pioneering states to first embrace the legality of CBD almost a decade ago—before the introduction of the federal 2018 Farm Bill—it continues to offer a wide range of wellness products and full-spectrum CBD products. 

What is the current legal status of CBD in Arizona?

All hemp-derived CBD products, that contain 0.3% THC or less, are legal in Arizona.

What is the legal THC limit for CBD products in Arizona?

The legal THC limits in Arizona on CBD products is 0.3% or less.

How to buy CBD in Arizona legally?

With the option to purchase CBD products in Arizona from medical dispensaries and online stores, your choices are endless. However, selling CBD in Arizona requires knowledge of the industry, products, and consumers. Here at Mission Farm’s CBD, we possess the trifecta needed to distribute safe CBD products in Arizona.

Is CBD oil and gummies legal in Arizona?

So much has changed for Arizona CBD laws in 2024! That said, CBD oil legality in Arizona is quite straightforward—if the product is derived from hemp and contains no more than 0.3% THC, the state is allowed to distribute and sell it and residents are allowed to consume it. The same goes for CBD gummies in Arizona. Even marijuana edibles have lenient cannabis laws in Arizona—limited to a maximum of 10mg of THC per edible and up to 100mg of THC per package of edibles.

*Proposition 207, also known as the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, allows cannabis use for adults 21 and over.

Are CBD edibles legal in Arizona?

CBD wellness in Arizona is booming, which includes the use of CBD in edible-based products. As long as your CBD gummies in Arizona contain less than 0.3% THC content and are derived from hemp, it’s legal for you to purchase within the state. 

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Are there any restrictions on the types of CBD products available in Arizona?

No. All hemp-derived CBD products in Arizona are legal. The three main forms include, isolate CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD, all of which must contain less than 0.3% THC content.

Can I travel with CBD to Arizona?

Whether you plan to fly to Arizona from another state or simply drive through on your next road trip, CBD can be your travel companion thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which allows the transportation of hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC across state lines. 

Can Arizona residents legally purchase CBD online?

Yes, residents of the state can legally CBD online. That said, safe CBD products in Arizona are ones that are purchased from reputable vendors. Since Mission Farm’s CBD offers the best bang for your buck in times of quality and convenience, we invite you to review our products and ask any questions before placing your order. Since CBD products in Arizona must contain less than 0.3% THC, our products meet industry and state regulations. 

What are the marijuana possession penalties in Arizona?

Cannabis laws in Arizona have changed since recreational marijuana use was legalized in 2020. The Smart and Safe Arizona Act (Proposition 207) made it legal for adults who’re 21+ to possess, cultivate, and use marijuana in the state. The law also requires dispensaries to be licensed to legally sell to consumers. So, while the THC limits in Arizona on CBD cannot exceed 0.3%, marijuana possession rules are different. Consumers can possess 1 ounce or less of flower and 5 grams or less of concentrate. Those who exceed these limits will pay $100 under the first petty offense. More serious offenses carry heavier penalties. 

Do I need a prescription to purchase CBD in Arizona?

No. Progressive regulations within the state allow buyers of all ages to purchase CBD in Arizona without access to a prescription or medical marijuana card. 

What is Arizona’s take on SB 1098?

The Arizona Senate Bill 1098 allows the commercial growth, cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp if the commercial growth, culture and marketing of industrial hemp is authorized by federal law, while maintaining strict control of marijuana.” The bill was revised in 2020 when recreational marijuana was made legal. The document also breaks down and defines vocabulary and further regulations surrounding cannabis laws in Arizona in 2024 such as licensing, growing, and distributing.


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