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CBD and Mental Health: PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, affects around 13 million Americans. There are many among us walking around with past trauma. That trauma may manifest as anxiety, night terrors, or intrusive thoughts. But PTSD can also emerge with many different symptoms, which can make diagnosis and treatment difficult. It often involves work and lots of patience.Treating PTSD is a complicated process that can take time. CBD is a popular option for relieving symptoms, but the benefits of using it for PTSD often aren’t clear. Many individuals have choseb to add CBD to their health regiments, to enjoy the potential benefits.

Why Use CBD to Assist PTSD Treatment?

Individuals that have been diagnosed by a practitioner to have PTSD may require medications to manage their symptoms, which for some comes with the risk of physical dependence or tolerance over time. In the worst cases, this can lead to dependence or addiction to the very substances meant to help the patient. Side effects and incompatibilities with other treatments are also a constant concern.Amid these fears, many individuals that have been diagnosed with PTSD have turned to CBD as an alternative for managing symptoms on a regular basis. Technological advancements mean that CBD can be isolated and targeted for specific effects. For PTSD patients, this can quite literally be a lifesaver.

CBD Acts Fast

Unlike a lot of pain and stress management treatments, CBD works quickly to address sources of inflammation. Even basic pain medication can take hours to “kick in,” depending on the user’s body composition. Taking more medication for a quicker deployment risks organ damage (especially if done repeatedly).CBD works directly within the cannabinoid system of the body, so the body knows immediately what to do with it once it enters the body. Delivery systems also include options that may work faster than pills, such as sublingual oils.

CBD Aids Pain Management

One of CBD’s most popular uses is as support in managing pain. This especially applies to Full Spectrum CBD products that utilize different forms of CBD molecules. A general feeling of calm relief usually comes as a result of using any CBD product. But it’s possible to consume treatments solely geared toward relaxing the mind or alleviating physical pain.It’s also possible to use CBD in a wider variety of methods than conventional pain treatments. Patients can enjoy a CBD gummy if they feel a headache coming on, or they can use topical treatments like the RELIEVE Joint and Muscle Gel 7200 mg to directly zero in on the pain and inflammation in one area.There’s far less risk of damage to the body due to overconsumption.

CBD Supports Healthy Sleep

The symptoms of PTSD often disrupt sleep, which can aggravate other symptoms and delay recovery. But consistent use of sleep aids typically isn’t recommended, and may cause internal damage with prolonged use. Natural supplements can help. But many people don’t like the occasional sleepy “hangover” of melatonin, or don’t want the vivid dreams that can come with pure valerian root.CBD has sometimes been referred to as nature’s very own “chill pill.” Its inflammation-fighting properties are perfect for people struggling with sleep. It works to relax the body from acute pain, but it goes above and beyond when compounds like CBN and nano CBD join the party. There are also CBD treatments specifically designed to promote healthy sleep.

CBD Comes In Multiple Forms

But sometimes, an anxiety or panic attack can strike at an inconvenient time. Many people with PTSD fear the day when they’ll experience symptoms in a crowded and/or public place. The prospect of trying to treat anxiety in a way that could draw even attention is daunting for many.Luckily, CBD can be delivered in multiple discrete forms. If you don’t feel comfortable eating a CBD gummy at work, a topical solution like our PURE CBD Goat Milk Cream may be the perfect solution. If you start to feel uneasy in a public place, you can take a PURE CBD Peppermint Mint and no one will be the wiser.

CBD is Non-Habit Forming

Numerous studies have concluded that CBD does not have the same addictive properties as tobacco or alcohol. This is good news, as many patients of PTSD use these to cope with their ongoing symptoms. Addiction to these substances makes recovery much more difficult.It’s understandable that PTSD patients may cope using substances. It’s only human to reach for whatever provides relief, especially those that may also help ease physical pain (if only temporarily). But the truth is that these substances provide only limited relief. Alcohol is regarded largely as a poison by the body — it’ll deal with it, but best if it gets out and doesn’t overstay its welcome.CBD, on the other hand, works with the body to achieve a state of equilibrium. It’s not seen as a poison but a collaborator. CBD can come in, address points of inflammation, and exit without causing substantial harm.Of course, there are variations from person to person. Not everyone will have the same reaction to CBD, and it may be possible to find comfort in a ritual of consumption and not the substance itself (much like smoking tobacco). Please evaluate your habits and consume responsibly.

CBD’s Job Is To Help

When it comes to natural treatments, CBD is considered one of if not the safest option. It is a natural aide to our body’s endocannabinoid system and features other healing properties. It can help with side effects and help people reach a calmer state.Please exercise caution and check with medical professionals if you plan to use CBD as part of a healing regimen for PTSD. It is a wonderful option for those seeking to supplement an existing treatment plan or want a “daily driver” to help manage symptoms. But remember: CBD is not a substitute for psychiatric medication or professional psychiatric help.[Find Your CBD Solution Today – SHOP NOW!]