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What is the right dose of CBD for me?

At Mission Farms CBD, we are committed to providing a Dose That Makes a Difference. Our standard recommend serving size is 25mg, because we are committed to providing products that are effective. We will try to answer the question, “What is the right dose of CBD for me?”

Recommended Serving Size: 25mg

Many companies add CBD to their products in such small quantities that the CBD won’t be make a difference. When only 5mg of CBD is a product servicing size, the CBD is mostly a gimmick. No wonder people have tried CBD and not found it effective: they were not given enough CBD. So we recommend 25mg as a serving size. That will be effective for most people.

However . . .

Everyone is different. What is the right dose of CBD for me?

So you may need to make some adjustments to identify the right serving size for you. Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? Too hot, too cold, just right. Too big, too small, just right. Well, finding the perfect serving size of cbd may take some experimentation. How to Identifying the Right Dose for You

1. Start small
2. Increase as needed
3. Pay attention to your body

If you are new to CBD, start with a smaller dose. Try just 10mg of CBD the first time, then increase the serving size till you reach 25mg. Notice the desired effect? You may increase or decrease the serving size based on how you respond to the CBD. You might find that 40mg suits you best for a great nights sleep, 15mg is perfect to take the edge off of stressed situations, and 75mg stops a headache in its tracks. Pay attention to your body and determine what is best for you.

More Than One Serving a Day is Okay Since CBD does not have psychoactive effects and is not addictive, it is acceptable for most people to take several servings a day. For example, if you are treating chronic arthritis, you may want to take Relieve CBD three times a day and then have some REST CBD before bed. Most people will not experience ill-effects from taking several doses of CBD a day.

In conclusion . . .

Too little, too much, just right . . . Goldilocks wasn’t finicky. It just took her a few tries to discover what worked for her. The same can be true for trying cbd. But in general we recommend:

• 25mg of CBD per serving
• Start smaller if you are new to CBD
• Increase as needed
• Pay attention to your body