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8 Things to Know Before Buying CBD Oil

Because the CBD marketplace is so young and fast-growing, there are bound to be both good and illegitimate companies out there selling CBD oils. So, put on your thinking cap and do some legwork to ensure the company where you purchase your CBD Oil is legitimate and pro-consumer.  Your health means the world to you, right?  So, here are some tips we encourage you to read through before you purchase CBD oils.

1. Know your personal goals for trying CBD Oil

CBD is starting to be all the rage, right?  So, what exactly are your health goals for trying CBD oils? Do you have pesky arthritis that hurts, or middle-of-the-night insomnia that drives you crazy, or mini panic attacks before that big presentation at work?  If so, CBD has overall calming, healing, and inflammation-reducing benefits that might work wonders on you.  But think through what you are trying to change about your health, and then pay close attention to how it changes before and after using CBD. When you are adding CBD to your body, ensure that you research how that CBD is crafted and that it is chemical-free.  Remember also that CBD is non-addictive, has no side effects, and will not give you a psychoactive high… What a fabulous organic compound that is chock full of healing benefits!  At Mission Farms CBD, we can’t wait for you to try our CBD oils and feel good again.

2. Pay attention to the amount of CBD per dose

At Mission Farms CBD, we believe in “a dosage that makes a difference.” This is a fancy way of saying that you ought to have enough CBD in a dose so that your body can effectively move toward the health and healing you desire. Because the CBD market is still stabilizing, there are companies selling CBD in tiny doses of 5 to 15mg of CBD per dose. This is likely too little to take, and you may not feel any noticeable difference. We recommend a serving size of 25mg of CBD per dose, and then we suggest that you pay attention to your body after taking the CBD.  You may want to dial up or down the amount you take, depending on the effectiveness you feel.  For more info, read our blog post titled, “What is the right dose of CBD for me?

3. Look for posted Third-Party Lab results on website

If a company is legitimate and following industry regulations, they will undergo Lab Testing on their CBD Oils, which must be done by a third-party company.  These Lab results should be posted on the company’s website and will reveal a long list of metrics about what is in the CBD oil. Specifically, the results will verify the exact amount of CBD in the oil, which should be 10% above or below the stated amount on the CBD Oil’s label.  For instance, if the CBD Oil you purchase claims to have 500mg of CBD, then the lab tests should prove it actually has an amount between 450mg to 550mg.

A Mission Farms CBD note: Our Lab results are posted on our CBD Oils page, and explained in detail in this blog post.

4. Verify that THC is below .3%

As you read through the third-party Lab Results, you will also be able to verify the THC levels, which industry regulations state should be less than .3% of the total product. (THC is the psychoactive component that causes a “high.”) Remember that THC is not required for the CBD to be effective, as it is a different organic compound, so be sure THC is as low as can be.

A Mission Farms CBD note: Our lab testing reveals that our CBD oils generally have TCH levels around .017%, which is about half of what the limit is.

5. Know where the hemp is grown

The farming of hemp is the core foundation to making CBD oil. So, knowing where your CBD company raises and harvests their hemp is of utmost importance.  You should be able to scan a website and quickly read about a company’s farms, where they are located, and even take a gander through photos and videos. Learn as much as you can about their farming techniques, such as hand harvesting, use of chemicals, whether the seeds are GMO-free or not, and so on.  If a company states nothing about their farms or where the hemp is from, you can assume that they are purchasing CBD isolate or distillate in the open market, which means they likely don’t even know where the hemp was farmed.  This is a warning sign, and we encourage you to buy CBD oils elsewhere!

A Mission Farms CBD note:  Our farms are located just outside Bend, Oregon, in a region of the country where hemp is very prosperous due to hot summers, and fresh water from the Deschutes River. Read about Our Farms on our website, and read about Our Advantages we get from hand-tending our hemp plants from seed to harvest.

6. Understand what else is added to the CBD

Because CBD itself is very concentrated, other carrier oils must be added in order to create the overall CBD oil. So, read the product labels and ingredient listing to ensure that what is added is pure and necessary.  Any empty fillers and junky chemicals will defeat your pursuit of good health!

A Mission Farms CBD note:  We add only organic ingredients when creating our CBD oils.  In our Rest, Relieve, and Relax CBD Oils, we add organic essential oils, which are organic compounds that improve the effectiveness of the CBD. We also add organic flavorings to improve taste. In our Pure CBD oil, we add MCT coconut oil, which is very good for you and also improves effectiveness.

7. Look for Product Guarantees and Return Policy as a sign of credibility

What happens if your CBD bottle is broken in the mail? Will the company ship you a new bottle?  What if you are dissatisfied?  Will they believe you and send along a refund?  These are good questions to research before becoming a customer. Search for a Money-back Guarantee as well as the company’s Return policy on their website. You want to have the assurance that the company is for you and won’t put up resistance when you ask to return products.

While we are talking about company credibility, make sure your CBD company is not making outlandish claims for radically improved health. If so, they are in violation of FDA rules about supplements, as CBD companies are not allowed to claim that CBD is a panacea that can treat and cure diseases. (If you see “CBD can cure cancer!” then run away!)

A Mission Farms CBD note:  We have a 30-day money back guarantee and a generous Return Policy.

8. Check to see how accessible Customer Support is

On a related note, find out the options for contacting the company if you have a question or need to speak with Customer Support. Does the company list a phone number? Do they have email or chat to reach Customer Support? Can you even find the city and state where the company resides?  Verify that the website has a Frequently Asked Questions page or an Online Knowledge Base where you can at least search for answers on your own. These are all good indicators that the company is legitimate and working hard to make consumers happy and healthy.

A Mission Farms CBD note:  Search our FAQ here, and connect with our CS team via phone or email.

In Summary:

We wish you great success on your journey of using CBD to improve your health and happiness. At Mission Farms CBD, we are believers in our own CBD oils because we are all walking testimonies to the improved health we have experienced ourselves. If you are brand new to CBD oil, we recommend our trial-size Three-Pack of the Rest, Relax, and Relieve CBD oils; it is a great way to start, and we guarantee you will feel good again!