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Mission Farms CBD Lab Results: Triple-tested

Due to limited oversight of the CBD industry, it is hard for consumers to know exactly what is in a bottle of CBD. Many consumers are getting far less CBD and far more chemicals than they ever thought.

At Mission Farms CBD, we guarantee that our products are free of pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. We also guarantee that you are getting all the CBD that you paid for. But don’t take our word for it . . . take a look at the actual lab results, which are posted in links below.


If you visit one of our farms during the growing season (which you should!), you will discover that our hemp is grown all-naturally. We don’t use pesticides or chemicals. We then perform lab testing at three stages: we lab test our hemp, lab test our extract, and then lab test each of our final CBD products. And we only use independent labs that are not affiliated with us and have nothing to gain by the results. In this way we can assure our customers that they are getting a healthful product that is within 10% of the advertised milligrams of CBD in each bottle.


Sadly, the contents of high CBD products often vary significantly from what the manufacturer publishes on the label. This truth was affirmed in a 2017 study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. As part of the study, researchers tested a variety of CBD products purchased online. Just 3 out of 10 CBD products tested within 10% of the amount that was listed on the label.

A more recent study by ArsTechnica tested 84 different CBD products. Less than 1/3 contained the amount of advertised CBD (within 10%). What’s worse, some contained other harmful substances or illegal amounts of THC.


We have independent testing done at three stages:  on our hemp, our extract, and every final CBD oil product.

Below are links to the third-party test results for the most recent batches of REST CBD, RELAX CBD, RELIEVE CBD, and PURE CBD. You can see the full detailed lab report produced by our testing partner.

The lab tests can be challenging to decipher, so let us help you. If you didn’t like math in high school, skip the next few paragraphs and go to THE RESULTS.

  • There are 30ml (milliliters), or 28.5g (grams), of solution in each Full-Size bottle of our CBD Oil.
  • The potency results from the labs give you the number of milligrams of CBD per gram of solution. So, to figure out the total milligrams of CBD in a bottle, multiply the number of “milligrams per gram of CBD” by the “total number of grams in a bottle (28.5)”.
  • We calculate our formulations to ensure that we have the right amount of CBD in every bottle. The lab tests can legally have a variance of up to 10%, so as long as the lab results show our CBD is within 10% of what we advertise, we are assured our formulations are correct.

THE RESULTS OF OUR RECENT TESTING (Click the links to open the actual Lab reports!)

As you can see, our CBD levels are right on the money.


One thing many people want to know is how much THC is in their CBD oils.  This is very important because THC is psychoactive and can cause effects that aren’t desired. The legal limit of THC that can be allowed in a CBD oil tincture is .3%, which is the trace amount left after processing.  As you can see in our lab results, we aim to be roughly half of what the legal limit is for THC.

Here are the THC levels tested in each of our four varieties, (as you can see on the lab reports in the links above).  This is all good news!

  • PURE CBD has .164% THC
  • RELAX CBD has .181% THC
  • REST CBD has .142% THC
  • RELIEVE CBD has .162% THC



As you can see from these test results, we are committed to providing the highest quality CBD on the market in highly accurate quantities.

And that gets back to the meaning behind our name . . .

Mission Farms CBD

We are not trying to make a quick buck.

We are truly on a Mission. We want to help people FEEL GOOD AGAIN and get healthier with all-natural CBD. That’s why we operate our own farms, oversee production of our products, and publish lab test results. We want to give you the quality that you deserve.