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What Makes Our New CBD Gummies So Great?

Introducing our new line of Pure CBD Gummies! We set out to make the most effective CBD gummies on the market and are excited to finally share them with you. Here’s more about how we got here, and what makes them so much better than other gummies.

Why Is a Great CBD Gummy So Hard to Create?

You might be wondering why we didn’t create a CBD gummy earlier. Many other CBD companies introduced gummies long before us. True. But most of the CBD gummies on the market are both ineffective and unenjoyable. 

A great CBD gummy is difficult to create. 

Firstly, most CBD gummies provide very little CBD. When you swallow CBD your body absorbs a fraction of the CBD because much of it is filtered out by your liver. CBD Oils and Mints tend to have much higher absorption rates than gummies because you are absorbing the CBD through the soft palate of your mouth. And yet, the most common gummies on the market are Broad Spectrum gummies with only 10mg of CBD. They have little to no benefit. We are not willing to sell an ineffective product, so we waited till we could create a truly effective gummy.

Secondly, it is hard to make a great tasting gummy. CBD often has a bitter, hempy flavor that is difficult to mask. Many of the gummies we have tried through the years made it past our lips briefly, but ended up in a napkin. Creating a delicious gummy had to be a priority. If it is a gummy, it should taste like a treat!

So we took our time and went through many iterations, until we finally had CBD gummies that were both effective and delicious. 

Our Pure CBD Gummies are the only CBD gummies that combine fast-acting, extra-strength Nano CBD with the proven effectiveness of Full Spectrum CBD in a delicious treat that boosts your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 

Mission Farms Pure CBD Gummies Are:

  • Fast Acting – Feel the difference in just 15 minutes
  • Extra-Strength – The Nano CBD makes these 25mg gummies more like 45mg gummies
  • Effective – Full Spectrum CBD ensures you get the benefits of the Entourage Effect
  • Delicious – Enjoy two of our favorite Oregon flavors: Marionberry Lemon and Hood River Apple Pie

The Benefits of Nano CBD

To make the most effective CBD gummy on the market, we had to increase the absorption rate of the CBD in our gummies. Who wants to pay for CBD that passes through your body without providing any benefits? 

We turned to the technology of Nano CBD. Nano CBD is created with a technology commonly used by pharmaceutical companies to increase absorption rates of medications. The CBD molecule is coated in nano-sized particles that enable it to be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and cells. By nature, the CBD molecule does not absorb easily into water, and our bodies are mostly water. By coating CBD in nano-sized particles that are water-soluble, the CBD is absorbed quickly and at a much higher rate than regular CBD. 

There are 4mg of Nano CBD in each gummy. That doesn’t sound like much, but 4mg of Nano CBD are more like 24mg of regular CBD because you absorb so much more of it. You also feel the effects of the CBD much faster than with regular CBD. You may notice a difference in as little as 15 minutes.

The Nano CBD in our gummies make these 25mg gummies more like 45mg gummies. (Here is the math for you: 4mg of Nano CBD is actually the equivalent of about 24mg of CBD. Add that 24mg to the 21mg of Full Spectrum CBD and you have the equivalent of 45mg of effective CBD).

The Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD

While Nano CBD is fast-acting and extra-strength, it lacks some of the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD. Time and time again, studies have shown that Full Spectrum CBD is the most effective type of CBD for helping with sleep, discomfort, and stress. 

Full Spectrum CBD contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes that partner with CBD. When CBD has these other “teammates” working alongside it, the overall effect is more powerful. This is called the Entourage Effect. 

The superbowl is just a couple of weeks away and many people will be gathering with friends and family to watch the best . . . commercials of the season. For a football team to win, it needs players with different skill sets suited to different positions. A lineman is good at one thing, a wide receiver is good at something very different. When these different players with different skill sets work together, they are more effective at getting the ball into the endzone than a team made up of all lineman or all wide receivers. 

Like the players on a football team, different cannabinoids and terpenes have different capabilities. When they work alongside one another they are more effective. Full Spectrum CBD contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes that are all team players working together to accomplish the goal of deepening sleep, easing discomfort, and reducing stress. 

The addition of Full Spectrum CBD to these Nano CBD gummies makes them more effective. And since Full Spectrum CBD is absorbed at a lower rate in gummies, we have added much more of it than the Nano CBD.

The Powerful Combination of Nano CBD and Full Spectrum CBD

There are a few Nano CBD gummies on the market that have the benefit of being fast-acting and extra-strength, but they lack the effectiveness of Full Spectrum CBD. There are also some Full Spectrum CBD gummies on the market, but they lack the benefits of Nano CBD. 

We have created the only CBD gummy that has both fast-acting, extra-strength Nano CBD AND the proven effectiveness of Full Spectrum CBD.


If it isn’t yummy, it’s not a good gummy. 

Working with Nano CBD is difficult because of its bitter aftertaste. That’s why many companies shy away from using it. Full Spectrum CBD has a grassy flavor that can be off-putting. We have been able to mask these unappealing flavors with a plant-based bitter -blocker that is 100% all-natural. Thank you food scientists!

We have also created customer flavors derived from some of our favorite Oregon treats. Most gummies on the market are generic flavors that come from huge manufacturers: cherry, orange, watermelon, mixed berry, etc. Boring! Our gummies are made in small batches using Oregon-based ingredients that we love: Marionberry Lemon and Hood River Apple Pie.

Marionberries are a special treat that grow wild in the foothills of the Cascade mountains so they became the basis of our Marionberry Lemon CBD Gummies. These gummies are bursting with sweet berry flavor yet are balanced by a touch of tart lemon.

One of our favorite weekend trips is to Hood River Valley where apple orchards flourish beneath the shadow of Mount Hood. What’s better than a fresh apple? Fresh Apple Pie. You can taste the buttery crust in these Hood River Apple Pie CBD Gummies! We believe apple pie should be enjoyed anytime of day, and the same is true of these gummies.

So what are you waiting for? Give our Pure CBD Gummies a try. 

They are our new, favorite way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. We are confident that you will love them too.

By Ben Joyce, Co-Founder and CEO of Mission Farms CBD © Copyright 2022