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How CBD, CBG, and CBDa Perform Together to Significantly Ease Stress

I got to see my first Dave Matthews concert this summer. It was going to be the highlight of another summer hampered by Covid. My wife and I arrived at the outdoor venue along the Deschutes River, and there was a buzz of excitement in the air. Cheers arose when Dave walked up to the mic. But rather than launching into his first song, he explained that several other bandmates had come down with Covid and would not be joining him for the performance. The night was going to look a little different. 

The first several songs were just Dave and his guitar. Thankfully he is an incredible performer with a powerful, expressive voice. But he was just one guy on a huge, empty stage. 

Then one-by-one, new musicians began to walk up to instruments and play. They weren’t the usual band members, but Dave has an entourage of other gifted musicians he has played with through the years. He flew them out for the show. The concert quickly went from good to great as the ensemble of musicians brilliantly played their supporting part at the concert. It was a summer night to remember with great music and weather. 

Full Spectrum Max is More Effective 

CBD is an incredible performer with many capabilities. But just like Dave Matthews, it only gets better when an ensemble of other players accompanies it. This is called the Entourage Effect. Studies show that the more Full Spectrum a CBD product is — the greater its entourage of other cannabinoids — the more effective the product is. While CBD is a standout cannabinoid, connecting with over 65 cellular receptors, other cannabinoids have unique properties that CBD does not have and are able to connect with different cellular receptors. 

Most Full Spectrum CBD products have less than 10% of these other cannabinoids. Sometimes you will find a product that has one other cannabinoid boosted above 10%. In our pursuit of creating the most effective CBD oils on the market, we have boosted our Full Spectrum Max CBD Oils with TWO other cannabinoids, increasing their levels to 30%. 

In the case of our Full Spectrum Max Relax CBD Oil, we have increased the levels of both CBG (20%) and CBDa (10%) to create a CBD Oil that provides the most powerful, targeted relief for everyday stress. 

What is CBG?

CBG (cannabigerol) is often called the “mother cannabinoid” since all other cannabinoids start as CBG. It is the first cannabinoid produced by the hemp plant. Some CBG remains in the plant, but much of it breaks down into the other 100+ cannabinoids that exist. Selective cultivation has resulted in hemp plants that retain high percentages of CBG. 

CBG has many similarities to CBD, including being non-intoxicating, but it also has some special characteristics that make it a great partner for CBD when addressing particular health issues, especially stress and inflammation.

CBG also has unique properties that make it effective for easing anxious thoughts and feelings. CBG is able to bind with certain endocannabinoid receptors in the brain that help you relax. CBG has also been linked to increased dopamine levels, which support a sense of calm and well-being. CBG is also able to stimulate the Alpha-2 receptor in the body, which has a relaxing effect by smoothing muscle contractions.

A tincture with CBG oil is more likely to help you manage stress than CBD oil alone.

CBG also appears to be effective at treating various forms of inflammation, including gut inflammation and neuroinflammation. Some studies on animals have shown promise for treating inflammatory bowel issues by reducing inflammation in the gut. This is an important discovery considering that 50 million Americans struggle with the adverse effects of inflammation in their gut. CBG is also showing promise as a neuroprotectant compound that can treat neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory issues. It may be able to protect nerve cells from harm, whether that is inflammation or degeneration. 


– The “mother of cannabinoids”

– Anti-anxiety properties

– Anti-inflammatory properties

What is CBDa?

CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) is the form of CBD as it occurs naturally in the hemp plant. Believe it or not, there is very little CBD in hemp, but there is a lot of CBDa. When the hemp plant is processed and heated, the CBDa loses some atoms and turns into CBD. So the most natural version of CBD is actually CBDa. While it has many similarities to CBD, its slight molecular differences give it some unique characteristics and benefits.

Researchers have been studying CBDa since 2008. Similar to CBD, CBDa has a variety of anti-inflammatory effects, but the unique way it interacts with serotonin receptors shows great promise for its benefits for stress, anxiety, sleep, and nausea. A 2013 study by scientists in Canada found that CBDa was a thousand times more powerful than CBD at binding to a specific serotonin receptor linked to anti-anxiety and anti-nausea effects. While the study was focused on nausea, this same receptor — the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor — can improve mood and reduce anxiety. If you are looking for all-natural ways to improve a depressed mood or reduce stress, CBDa oil holds great potential. 

Another benefit of CBDa was revealed in studies by GW Pharma: it is faster-acting than CBD, and our bodies absorb a higher percentage of it. Its fast on-set and higher bioavailability mean people can experience its benefits quickly and at lower doses.

A tincture with CBDa oil is more likely to help with stress and anxious feelings than CBD oil alone.


– CBDa is the version of CBD found naturally in hemp

– Anti-anxiety and mood-boosting effects

– Stimulates serotonin receptors

Experience the Benefits of Full Spectrum Max

Mission Farms CBD is committed to crafting the highest quality, most effective CBD products on the market. Our new Full Spectrum Max line of CBD oils brings an unprecedented level of efficacy to the CBD market. If you struggle with stress or anxiety, try our new Full Spectrum Max Relax CBD Oil with both CBG and CBDa. 

By Ben Joyce, Co-Founder and CEO of Mission Farms CBD Copyright 2021