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What Makes Nano CBD So Effective?

Nano CBD is a type of CBD that absorbs more easily than regular CBD into your bloodstream and cells. CBD is naturally hydrophobic, meaning that it is resistant to dissolving in water. Since our bodies are mostly water, we naturally absorb just a fraction of the CBD we consume. Nano CBD increases the bioavailability of CBD so a higher proportion of the CBD that you consume actually makes it to your cells. 

Is Nano CBD smaller than regular CBD?

The word nano refers to very small particles in the range of 1 to 100 nanometers. For perspective, a piece of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick. So a nano-sized particle is microscopic. 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about Nano CBD, claiming that Nano CBD is a smaller sized particle than regular CBD. That is not true. The CBD molecule cannot be made smaller and still be a CBD molecule. 

If Nano CBD is not smaller than regular CBD, why is it called Nano CBD?

Nano CBD actually refers to a nanoemulsion that includes CBD. The CBD molecule is surrounded by nano-sized particles that are hydrophilic – meaning, they dissolve easily into water. These particles help make the CBD molecule dissolve into water, and therefore into your bloodstream. The technology used to create nano emulsions is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to make medications more bioavailable. Nanoemulsions are perfectly safe for consumption. 

Is Nano CBD more effective than regular CBD?

Studies indicate that Nano CBD may be absorbed at six times the rate of the CBD molecule when it is not not surrounded by nanoparticles. Not only is more Nano CBD absorbed by your body, it is also absorbed more quickly: up to three times as fast as regular CBD. This means that less Nano CBD is required to have the same effect as CBD that is not surrounded by nanoparticles. 4mg of Nano CBD is more like 24mg of regular CBD (4mg x 6 times the absorption rate = effectiveness of 24mg).

Why add Nano CBD to our Pure CBD Gummies?

Gummies are generally chewed and swallowed. The CBD in gummies is absorbed through your digestive tract, which reduces the amount of CBD that is absorbed into your bloodstream when compared to CBD Oils or Mints which are held in your mouth. When CBD is held under your tongue before you swallow it, some of it is absorbed by your soft palate, increasing the bioavailability.  

In order to make our gummies more effective, we complemented the Full Spectrum CBD with Nano CBD. This addition of Nano CBD means that more CBD is absorbed than if our gummies contained Full Spectrum CBD alone. The Nano CBD is quickly absorbed in your mouth and continues to be quickly absorbed by your digestive track. 

Each of our Pure CBD Gummies contain 25mg of CBD. 21mg is Full Spectrum CBD. 4mg is Nano CBD. Since Nano CBD is absorbed at about 6x the rate of regular CBD, that 4mg of Nano CBD is more like 24mg of CBD. This addition of Nano CBD makes our 25mg gummies have the effectiveness of a 45mg gummy (21mg of Full Spectrum + 24mg of Nano = 45mg). Phew! That was a lot of math.

At Mission Farms CBD, we refused to make a CBD Gummy until we could make a truly effective and delicious gummy. We believe our unique formulation that includes both Full Spectrum CBD and Nano CBD makes for the most effective gummies on the market.

By Ben Joyce, Co-Founder and CEO of Mission Farms CBD  © Copyright 2022