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User Guide for Mission Farms CBD Oils

Congrats on taking a leap of faith to try the benefits of CBD for yourself! To ensure you have the best results as you get started, here a few tips on how to take our CBD oil.

CBD Tips

  • Shake the CBD oil bottle gently. You don’t need to shake it like crazy, but a gentle shake is fine. The CBD oil, Coconut Oil and Essential oils can separate between dosages.
  • Fill 2/3 of your dropper (look for .75ml line) – This gives you 25mg of CBD which is our recommended dose. Taking a proper dose is important to experience the relief you are looking for. More information on this below. 
  • Place oil under your tongue and hold for at least 60 seconds – This may feel odd the first time, but you’ll get used to it. Placing the oil under your tongue, or “sublingual,” is one of the fastest ways for CBD to enter your bloodstream efficiently.  Just swallowing CBD (or having CBD in a gummy) is much less effective and takes longer to take effect.
  • It can 20 – 60 minutes to take effect – Taking CBD is subtle and natural and described as a pleasant relief. If you don’t experience what you were looking for, be patient – you just haven’t found the proper dose yet. More information on this below.

Specific tips by product

Depending on what effect you are looking for – our products are mixed with terpenes (essential oils) known to help with those symptoms. To guide you, we have named our products REST CBD, RELAX CBD, and RELIEVE CBD. Specific best practice tips: 


    If you struggle with sleep, this one’s for you! Take REST CBD 30 – 60 minutes before going to bed. Work it into your nighttime routine by taking it after brushing your teeth and winding down before bed. You won’t pass out or wake up groggy like after taking a strong sleeping pill, but you will find that you can go into a deeper, more restful sleep. Most people report being able to sleep through the night or if they need to get up to go to bathroom, are able to fall back to sleep without lying awake. Many people experience they are able to dream again! REST CBD becomes part of a healthy routine to help ensure a regular night’s sleep.


    When you are looking for relief from aches and discomforts, and might normally reach for a bottle of ibuprofen, try RELIEVE CBD instead. People report that this helps with headaches, and other issues of discomfort throughout the body. If you have severe or chronic discomfort, you might need to increase doses or frequency until you get the desired effect. Many customers report they are able to reduce (or eliminate) discomfort medication by balancing with a CBD regimen.


    Many people take RELAX CBD on a daily basis because it provides overall calmness, reducing stress from life’s stressors. For some, it might be the individual circumstance where you experience you are getting stressed out for a key business presentation, in-laws coming over, kids are driving you nuts, etc.  Time for some RELAX CBD so you can be your best self. Recommended usage would be one dose in the morning and then follow up 4 hours later (or as needed).

Body Chemistry and Sensitivity

Because everyone is different (body chemistry, weight, degree of issue), your body may or may not feel the effect right away.  Some people find they notice the desired effect within 15 minutes, while others need to take CBD 3-4 times (or more) before their body’s endocannabinoid system “wakes up” to experience the results desired.  If you tried CBD once or not constantly, and did not have the effect you wanted, we encourage you to give it a try a few more times consistently with the tips above. Most of all, be patient with your body as your endocannabinoid system starts to respond.

Possible Drug Interactions

CBD is a subtle natural supplement, and isn’t known to have side effects, but it can interact with certain drugs. If you are currently taking prescription medications we recommend talking with your physician.  Specifically, if you take medication that is known to have a “grapefruit warning”, you will want to be sure to follow the instructions on how long to wait between taking your medication and CBD.

Adjusting Dosage

We recommend 25mg CBD as one dose. However, you might find you are more sensitive and need less, or might need to increase the dose to take effect.  Be patient as it may take some time to find your “sweet spot.” Some people report after taking it daily for several months that they could reduce the amount of CBD taken. The good news about CBD is that unlike medications, you cannot overdose and CBD is not addictive.

Thanks for choosing Mission Farms CBD!  We can’t wait for you to feel good again!