How much CBD Should I Give my Pet?

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How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

CBD Is For Pets, Too!

CBD Oil has similar benefits for pets as it does for humans. Just like their owners, pets have an endocannabinoid system that utilizes CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD is safe for pets, just like it is safe for humans. Many people use CBD oil to help their pets with discomfort and mobility. Others use CBD oil to calm their pet’s high-strung or fearful behavior. 

Just like humans, every pet is different. Not only do they experience different degrees of discomfort and fear, they may metabolize CBD at different rates. Use our guidelines as a starting point, but pay attention to your pet’s needs and behavior to determine if you should reduce or increase their dosage. It’s always best to start with an initial dose that is half of the recommended amount to make sure your pet doesn’t experience any adverse effects. CBD doesn’t have any known side-effects, and we do not have any reports of adverse effects, but it’s always wise with any supplement to take a smaller first dose. We recommend that you try the CBD consistently for a week in order to determine if it is having a positive effect on your pet.

Dosing Guidelines for our Pet CBD Oil

We recommend 2.5mg of CBD per 10 pounds of your pet’s weight if he is experiencing moderate discomfort or stressed behavior. You can double the dose for more severe discomfort or stressed behavior. Repeat as needed. The effects of the CBD tend to last 4-6 hours.

Measurements for 2.5mg per 10 Pounds of body weight: 

Small Pets5 drops per 10 pounds
Large Pets.25ml per 20 pounds

For example, a dog that is 60 pounds would receive a .75ml dose using the graduated dropper. A 10 pound cat would receive 5 drops administered through the dropper.

You can place the CBD Oil directly in their mouth, squeeze it onto a plate, add it to their food, or mix it with a treat like peanut butter. Shop for our Pet CBD Oil here:

At Mission Farms CBD, we are pet-lovers and we truly hope that our Pet CBD helps your pet feel good again, all-naturally. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]