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CBD for Racing and Recovery

As multi sport endurance athletes, parents and acrobats, we demand a lot out of our bodies and minds. Whether it is training for the next big adventure race, taking the kids on a 5 day bike packing trip, or making up a new acrobat set to teach (or all three at once), we need our systems firing on all levels.  As we grow older (and wiser) we find that the more focused on recovery we are, the better our performance is both mentally and physically. 

After a few injuries, and a major surgery (Jason had hip resurfacing surgery in February), we started getting serious about finding the best recovery tools for our bodies. We had heard about CBD for years, and all of its amazing benefits, but it was not until someone gave us a bottle of Mission Farms CBD Relieve CBD Joint and Muscle Gel, that we actually tried it.  Immediately we noticed a big difference in our general aches and pains.  At first we only used it at night before bed, or after a hard workout, but now we take it everywhere with us. We have even started taking it with us on our multi day Adventure Races.  Most recently, I used it extensively on my lower back during the Oregon 24 Hour Mountain Bike Nationals. In 24 hours, I rode 220 miles and gained over 20,000 ft of elevation. Every lap was 11 miles and had 1,000 ft of elevation.  100 miles in my low back began seizing up and Jason started massaging it with the Relieve Gel every few laps.  It helped so much and I was able to keep riding through the night with no stops.  I ended up winning the national title and setting a new course record!

After we had fallen in love with the gels and creams, we started trying out other Mission Farms products and have found the oils to be our second favorite product. As endurance racers and parents, sleep is paramount to stay happy and performing at our best!  We know that the first thing we need in order to get ready for a big race is SLEEP!!  We’ve both been sleep tracking for the last few years and the addition of the Rest CBD Oil instantly registered on our tracking metrics.  Our sleep was better and the latency was less.  Now it is an essential part of our protocol daily and especially crucial in the nights leading up to a big event, as that is when nerves can often keep us awake. 

We have now been using Mission Farms CBD consistently for nearly a year, and we can tell a major difference in our overall health and performance. Using it daily helps us feel better which in turn helps us be better parents, better athletes and better humans. 


Jason and Chelsey Magness built their relationship on a shared passion for adventure. As professional multi-sport athletes, teachers, coaches and race directors they help thousands of people every year at live workshops, elite training camps, and online at and  As part of Team BendRacing, they travel the globe competing in some of the toughest races on earth, battling rugged conditions and exploring the edge of human potential.  Whether racing across remote icebergs, developing innovative acrobatic sets, or balancing a thousand feet above ground on a slackline, all while chasing their wild little boy Max and toddler boy Revel Wilder, Jason and Chelsey have learned to train the mind and body to surpass limits and take life to the next level.

By Jason and Chelsey Magness, Bend Racing, Mission Farms CBD Copyright [email protected]