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The Science of CBD: How Relieve CBD Oil Eases Pain and Discomfort

I have had back discomfort for years and I desperately need surgery.  But I put the Relieve CBD Gel on my back and my discomfort is gone. I cannot believe how well this works!

– Elyse S. from Livingston, NJ

How Relieve CBD Oil Eases Pain and Discomfort

The CDC reports that over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic discomfort. It has become so prevalent that it is a health concern in its own right with a negative impact on every aspect of an individual’s life. Whether the cause is injury, headaches, arthritis, back discomfort, or any number of conditions, discomfort robs us of laughter, joy, and carefree adventure.

Sadly, many medications cause more problems than they solve. Some don’t touch the discomfort. Others may numb sensation, but they don’t solve underlying causes like inflammation. And then there are the risks of addiction, liver damage, and countless side effects.

Like us, you’ve probably been searching for a better way to treat discomfort and discomfort. 

At Mission Farms CBD, many of us struggle with everyday aches and discomforts or far more severe conditions. That is why we developed our RELIEVE CBD line of products. We have experience the benefit of CBD and we are confident that you will too.

What is CBD and how does it work?

To understand how CBD helps ease discomfort and discomfort, it is important to understand more about CBD and how it works.

CBD is an organic compound found in the essential oil of the hemp plant. It is called a cannabinoid because it comes from cannabis and hemp plants, but it is essentially a terpene. Terpenes are found in most plants and give plants their unique aroma, flavor, and color. Our bodies use these terpenes as neurotransmitters — the messengers that help cells (and even whole body systems!) communicate with another.

This messaging system within your body that uses CBD and terpenes is called your endocannabinoid system. Its job is to start and stop the processes that your body needs for healthy functioning. For example, it may kick your immune system into gear to fight a virus, but it also tells it to calm down when the intruder is defeated. It sends messages to reduce inflammation in your gut as well as ease discomfort in a swollen finger. It is responsible for the healthy functioning of many body systems and CBD is one of its most effective messengers.

CBD is one of your endocannabinoid system’s most effective messengers because it connects with over 65 cellular receptors. Some of those receptors are key to easing discomfort and inflammation.

How does CBD help ease your discomfort?

Pain Receptors

CBD interacts with a number of receptors in your body that modulate discomfort and inflammation.

CB1 and CB2 Receptors — Have you ever heard of the “runners’ high”? Its a feeling of discomfort-free bliss that runners and other athletes experience after extreme, physical exertion. A chemical naturally produced by our bodies, called anandamide, is what eases discomfort. Well, CBD blocks these CB receptors that absorb anandamide by increasing the body’s supply of anandamide. The result is less discomfort and a greater sense of well-being. 

TRPV1 Recptors — CBD directly interacts with the TRPV1 receptors throughout our body and the result is a reduction in discomfort and inflammation. 

Serotonin Receptors — Serotonin receptors are commonly known to impact mood, but they also play a role in discomfort perception. By increasing the availability of serotonin, CBD can help modulate both discomfort and mood in a beneficial way. 


Pain and inflammation often go hand-in-hand. A recent review of pre-clinical and animal studies confirms CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects¹. CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory benefits make it an excellent treatment for injury, neuropathy (pinched or irritated nerves), arthritis, and many other conditions exacerbated by inflammation.


We are experiencing an opioid epidemic that is destroying the lives of many Americans. Good news: CBD may be the solution for the opioid epidemic. Many of our own customers have reported that CBD has enabled them to decrease or even cease their use of opioids for discomfort management. Considering the many side-effects and addictive nature of opioids, this is encouraging news. A number of studies cited in The Journal of Pain and Treatment of Chronic Pain by Medical Approaches have confirmed that CBD can both reduce dependency on opioids² and lessen the symptoms of withdrawal³. The efficacy of CBD for discomfort management is not surprising. Our brains have ten times as many cannabinoid receptors as opioid receptors (“mu” receptors). 

How do essential oils make RELIEVE CBD more effective?

If you are buying a plain old bottle of CBD, you aren’t getting the most for your money. Why? Studies show that when CBD is used as an isolated compound, it isn’t nearly as effective as when it is combined with other terpenes that work alongside the CBD. This is called the Entourage Effect.

For our RELIEVE CBD products, we have selected essential oils comprised of terpenes that are known to work with CBD to help ease discomfort. The result is greater discomfort relief than you will get with just a plain bottle of CBD.

For example, the terpene Beta-Caryophyllene has been shown to reduce the perception of discomfort by acting upon the same CB receptors that CBD stimulates (footnote 4). The terpene Alpha-Pinene has shown promising results in reducing inflammation in cartilage in human studies (footnote 5). The terpene Humulene has been shown to reduce inflammation in various inflammatory experiments on mice (footnote 6). These terpenes, and others, work along with CBD to help reduce discomfort and inflammation, which makes our Relieve CBD line of products so effective.

Essential Oils in our RELIEVE CBD:

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil — Contains the terpene Limonene that is known to elevate mood and decrease inflammation and the terpene Eucalyptal which is an anti-inflammatory.

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil — Contains the terpene Alpha Pinene, which is known to reduce discomfort and inflammation. Contains the terpene Eucalyptal, which reduces inflammation.

Organic Clove Essential Oil — Contains the terpene Beta-Caryophyllene, which is known to ease discomfort. Contains the terpene Humulene, which reduces inflammation.

Have you tried CBD for discomfort and discomfort?

At Mission Farms CBD, we are so convinced that our RELIEVE CBD will help you with discomfort and inflammation that we offer a Trial Size bottle for just $29. Give it a try, and if you aren’t feeling better, send it back, and we will refund your money.

We created this guarantee because we are confident you will feel better, all-naturally. We want you to experience the same benefits that we have with RELIEVE CBD so that you can feel good again.

To learn more about CBD and how it works, download our FREE E-Book titled, “The Science Behind CBD.”  Download it here

The Relieve CBD Oil stops my migraines in their tracks! I take a double dose when I feel one coming on. No more three-day headaches!

– Gina C., Bend, OR

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