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What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is an all-natural, organic compound found in hemp.

Hemp is a relative of the cannabis plant. But unlike cannabis, it has very low amounts of THC, the compound that makes people feel high. The CBD in hemp extract provides health benefits without the high.

In fact, CBD is one of the most promising organic compounds known to humans. Recent scientific and medical research is revealing its many benefits including treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, eczema, and much more.

CBD is not a strange new ‘drug’… Nor is it a ‘snake oil’ with magical healing properties. CBD is a natural compound from hemp that has many health benefits without the “high” of cannabis. Amidst all the craze surrounding CBD, we find it helpful to offer an explanation that demystifies CBD and helps others understand what it is and how it works.

Learn how CBD works.

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CBD (short for cannabidiol) is called a cannabinoid because it is unique to the hemp and cannabis plants, but it is in a class of common compounds produced by all plants, called terpenes. Terpenes are the natural oils that give plants their aroma, flavor, and color. Many people are familiar with essential oils, which are the concentrated oils distilled from plants. Essential oils are primarily terpenes.

  • For example, when you smell the essential oil of Lavender, a primary aroma is the terpene Linalool.
  • When you smell the essential oil of sweet orange, a primary aroma is from the terpene Limonene.
  • When you smell the essential oil of hemp, a primary aroma is the terpene/cannabinoid CBD.

So CBD is basically the essential oil of hemp?

Close to it. CBD compromises about 75% – 85% of the essential oil of hemp, which is called distillate. The rest is other terpenes, flavonoids, and natural compounds that give different hemp varietals their unique flavors and aromas.

How can CBD have such a wide range of benefits?

Scientific literature has identified more than 65 molecular targets of CBD. It is rare for a single compound to benefit so many parts of the body.

CBD can positively affect:

  • Vanilloid Receptors, which modulate pain levels
  • Serotonin Receptors, which impact anxiety, depression, and mood
  • Adenosine Receptors, which regulate the quality and depth of sleep
  • Endocannabinoid Receptors, which influence stress levels, energy levels, memory, and appetite

Scientists are still determining the exact mechanisms by which CBD positively affects so many body systems. It appears to function in a variety of ways. But while the details of how it works in each body system are still being uncovered, the results are undeniable. You can even read our customer reviews of how real users of our CBD products have improved their health by using CBD.

Don’t miss out on the many health benefits of CBD. Our mission at Mission Farms CBD is for you to feel good again! 



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