The Benefits Of Our CBD

Not all CBD is created equally. Just like wine, CBD quality can vary. There is 2-Buck Chuck quality and there is also Napa Valley Cabernet quality. And no one wants to pay Napa Cab prices for 2-Buck Chuck.

Our farms are in what we affectionately call “The Napa Valley of Hemp.” Here in Bend, Oregon the volcanic soil, long sunny days, and pristine waters of the Deschutes River produce the finest hemp in the country. We add our secret-sauce of all-organic fertilizer and our plants are towering over our heads by harvest time.

Of course, the seed you start with is as important as the environment. We don’t use the seeds of hemp grown for fiber. The origin of our seeds is nutrient-rich, medical-grade cannabis. Our hemp was bred to have higher CBD content and lower THC content. The result is far more effective CBD.

We then extract the CBD using common grain alcohol, which is the safest and most-effective way to obtain the CBD while preserving other healthful nutrients. The result is a full-spectrum distillate that we use in all of our products.

Mission Farms CBD was started by a group of families and we are committed to providing our families (and yours) with the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD available.

How CBD Works in your Body

  • ALL-NATURAL — Our award-wining, local farms are organically farmed and use zero chemicals.
  • ETHANOL-EXTRACTED — We use common grain alcohol, which is the safest and most effective way to obtain nutrient-rich distillate.
  • FULL-SPECTRUM — Our distillate contains a variety of healthful flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, which make it more effective for your entire body.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED — You can have confidence that you are getting the advertised quantity of CBD without any pesticides or harmful chemicals. View our actual third-party lab results.

Mission Farms CBD is More Effective

Most CBD companies sell a plain-old bottle of CBD. It’s easy. A company buys CBD on the open market and slaps their company logo on the label. Voila! They are a CBD company. It’s easy… but it’s not very effective for you.

CBD is far more effective when combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes, which are naturally produced by hemp and other plants. So we use a full-spectrum CBD extract from our hand-harvested, award-winning hemp.

We then add additional terpenes from plants like orange, lavender, rosemary and others in order to enhance particular effects of CBD. Essential oils are primarily comprised of terpenes, which are the oils that give plants their aroma and flavor. These terpenes work synergistically with CBD in your endocannabinoid system to affect particular health benefits.

For a thorough explanation of how CBD and Essential Oils work together, see How Does CBD Work? and Why is CBD + Essential Oils More Effective?

We Target Sleep, Stress, and Discomfort

By combining CBD with particular terpenes found in the essential oils of plants, we are able to target specific health conditions.

Are you looking for a better night’s sleep?   Our REST CBDTM has essential oils and terpenes that work with CBD to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Are you going through a stressful season? Our RELAX CBDTM has essential oils and terpenes that work with CBD to decrease stress.

Are you looking for an all-natural remedy for discomfort? Our RELIEVE CBDTM has essential oils and terpenes that work with CBD to ease discomfort and inflammation.

If you are looking to treat a particular health issue with CBD, then don’t reach for a run-of-the-mill bottle of CBD. Try a bottle from Mission Farms CBD that is crafted for what your body needs.

Mission Farms CBD is Safe

The CBD industry lacks oversight and regulation, which is why you need a company committed to providing pure CBD products supported with test results.

This lack of regulation means that consumers are at risk of purchasing CBD products that have chemicals, pesticides, dangerous solvents, and in some cases, little to no CBD at all! A recent independent study revealed that half of the CBD products in the market had only a fraction of the CBD advertised on the label.

We’ve done everything possible to ensure the purity and quality of all of our products. Starting with the selection of our hemp seeds, all the way to the shipping of our products, we oversee every step of the process. We then take it a step further by having all of our products third-party tested. It’s how we guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality full-spectrum CBD products available.

Our CBD is Tested for Purity

In fact, we third-party test our CBD at three stages:

  • We test our hemp when it is in the fields to ensure that it is high in CBD and low in THC.
  • We then test our hemp extract to confirm that it is free of any pesticides, chemicals or solvents.
  • We then test our final products to ensure that our customers get every milligram of CBD they pay for.

We publish these tests done by independent third-party labs so our customers can be confident that the products they purchase are pure. It’s not just your family that uses our CBD products. Our families do as well. We are committed to keeping all of our families healthy, safe, and feeling good again.

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