About Our CBD


Not all CBD is the same.

Our award-winning farms produce the highest quality CBD available.  We then take steps to ensure our products maximize the effectiveness of that premium CBD.  We also guarantee that the advertised amount of CBD in our products is accurate. You can view this directly in our posted third-party lab results.

There are CBD companies out there that are fly-by-night and not legitimate.  And some CBD brands use such a small dose of CBD that you will never feel an impact on your health.  And some CBD companies have no idea where their hemp is grown, because they are just purchasing powdered CBD isolate on the open market to use in their products.

Not Mission Farms.  We manage our entire process, from the planting of the hemp seed, to putting labels on our bottles. We make every decision ourselves and ensure total purity from farm-to-family.  If we wouldn’t give it to our own families, we wouldn’t give it to you.  You will feel good again knowing you are using all-natural, organically farmed, chemical-free CBD from Mission Farms.

Premium CBD from Mission Farms


  • ALL-NATURAL — Our award-wining, local farms are organically farmed and use zero chemicals.
  • ETHANOL-EXTRACTED — We use common grain alcohol, which is the safest and most effective way to obtain nutrient-rich distillate.
  • FULL-SPECTRUM — Our distillate contains a variety of healthful flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, which make it more effective for your entire body.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED — You can have confidence that you are getting the advertised quantity of CBD without any pesticides or harmful chemicals. View our actual third-party lab results.


We grow our premium hemp in Central Oregon, where the hot summers and cool Deschutes water makes it highly conducive to growing our award-winning hemp. Our therapeutic-grade hemp crops are planted, tended, and harvested by hand.  We oversee the oil extraction process ourselves, and then infuse our CBD with specific essential oils, which provides the exact artisan, hand-crafted touch we want in our CBD products. 

If you visit one of our farms during the growing season, you will discover that our hemp is grown all-naturally. We we use absolutely zero pesticides or chemicals and we strictly follow organic farming principles. Our full-spectrum CBD has numerous health benefits that will help you feel good again. 

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