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How CBG and CBC Team Up with CBD to Maximize Pain Relief

The SF Giants and the LA Dodgers were in a race to win the National League West this year. My dad and his brothers are all big fans, so they arranged for a trip for all the “Joyce Boys” to meet at Oracle Park to see two of the last games of the season. My son and I flew down for a weekend of exciting baseball games.

The SF Giants are the Cinderella story of the season. No one expected them to have the number one record in baseball because they don’t have any superstars on their roster. What they do have is a team of role players who play their specific positions well, even if they aren’t superstars. The result is a team that won 107 games — more than any other year in their century-long history. We were lucky enough to see them clinch the National League West with a team that was only given 40 to 1 odds at the start of the season.

Baseball is a team sport, so a team that has players with different skill sets suited to their different positions will be a better team than one that takes a single superstar and clones him for every position. The team as a whole benefits when each player has unique abilities that suit their position. This has proven true with the SF Giants this season.

Full Spectrum Max is More Effective 

Cannabinoids function similarly to a baseball team. CBD is a superstar of sorts, able to connect with over 65 cellular receptors. But there are over 100 other cannabinoids, and each one has unique capabilities. A CBD product that has a diverse group of cannabinoids working together is a more effective product than one that only has CBD. This benefit is called the entourage effect.

70% CBD, 20% CBG, 10% CBCMost Full Spectrum CBD products are comprised of less than 10% of these other cannabinoids. Some CBD products increase a single cannabinoid above 10%. Our new Full Spectrum Max CBD Oils boost TWO cannabinoids to 30% of the total, making them the most Full Spectrum CBD Oils on the market. In the case of our new Full Spectrum Max Relieve CBD Oil, we have increased the levels of both CBG (20%) and CBC (10%) to create a CBD Oil that provides powerful, targeted relief for discomfort and inflammation.

What is CBG?

CBG (cannabigerol) is often called the “mother cannabinoid” since all other cannabinoids start as CBG. It is the first cannabinoid produced by the hemp plant. Some CBG remains in the plant, but much of it breaks down into the other 100+ cannabinoids that exist. Selective cultivation has resulted in hemp plants that retain high percentages of CBG.

CBG has many similarities to CBD, including being non-intoxicating, but it also has some special characteristics that make it a great partner for CBD when addressing particular health issues, especially inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

CBG appears to be effective at treating various forms of inflammation, including gut inflammation and neuroinflammation. Some studies on animals have shown promise for treating inflammatory bowel issues by reducing inflammation in the gut. This is an important discovery considering that 50 million Americans are struggling with the adverse effects of inflammation in their gut. CBG is also showing promise as a neuroprotectant compound that can treat neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory issues. It may be able to protect nerve cells from harm, whether that is inflammation or degeneration.

In addition to its unique anti-inflammatory properties, CBG also has unique properties that make it effective for easing stress and anxiety. CBG is able to bind with certain endocannabinoid receptors in the brain that ease anxiety. CBG has also been linked to increased levels of dopamine, which supports a sense of calm and well-being. CBG is also able to stimulate the Alpha-2 receptor in the body which has a relaxing effect by smoothing muscle contractions.

A tincture with CBG oil is more likely to help with discomfort and inflammation than CBD oil alone.


– The “mother of cannabinoids”

– Anti-anxiety properties

– Anti-inflammatory properties

What is CBC?

CBC (Cannabichromene) is one of the more recent non-intoxicating cannabinoids to be studied. It has a variety of therapeutic benefits, just like CBD, as an antibacterial, antifungal, neuroprotectant, and mood-booster. However, it is showing unique promise at reducing pain and inflammation in the body.

In recent animal studies, CBC was shown to block the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis. CBC appears to interact with receptors that reduce pain signals and increase the availability of anandamide, which is a cannabinoid that your body naturally produces to reduce pain. In fact, the “runner’s high” is the result of the body increasing production of anandamide after a long period of exertion that results in aches, pains, and inflammation. It is a feeling of reduced discomfort, calm, and even bliss.

In addition to increasing the production of our natural pain-killers, CBC also appears to desensitize pain receptors. TRPV1 receptors are found on cells throughout your body. When you eat a hot pepper it’s the TRPV1 receptors that register pain in response to the chemical capsicum, which is found in spicy peppers. These receptors are sensitive to heat, pressure, and irritants. Overtime CBC oil may have a desensitizing effect on these receptors, both reducing pain and the release of chemicals that cause inflammation.

In another study on animals, CBC oil reduced inflammation in combination with THC more effectively than either compound on its own. Again, this points to the benefits of the entourage effect and the value of having CBC added to a full spectrum CBD product that contains small, non-intoxicating amounts of THC.

A tincture with CBC oil is more likely to help with discomfort and inflammation than CBD oil alone.


– Reduces discomfort

– Reduces inflammation

– Increases production of your body’s natural pain-killers

Experience the Benefits of Full Spectrum Max

Mission Farms CBD is committed to crafting the highest quality, most effective CBD products on the market. Our new Full Spectrum Max line of CBD oils brings an unprecedented level of efficacy to the CBD market. If you struggle with discomfort or inflammation, try our new Full Spectrum Max Relieve CBD Oil with both CBG and CBC.

by Ben Joyce, Co-Founder and CEO of Mission Farms CBD  Copyright 2021