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FEEL GOOD AGAIN with Mission Farms CBD!

We at Bend Racing are excited about sharing our partnership with Mission Farms CBD.  We love so many things about this company; first and foremost, they are local and operate with the utmost integrity. Whether the product is topical or ingestible, they only use local, organically farmed, high-quality, Full Spectrum CBD.  Their products also include premium ingredients like essential oils, goat milk, and Nano CBD, all working together to set them apart from other products on the market. Their products not only help us to recover after a big event, but keep us moving and feeling better every day. Below are a few of our daily favorites that provide us with maximum relief from pain and inflammation to help us FEEL GOOD AGAIN.  

-Jason and Chelsey

Bend Racing Favorites

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RELIEVE CBD Joint and Muscle Gel

4 fl oz | 7200mg CBD

We use this Gel before, during and after races! We love the instant relief and cooling effect it gives. It helps us feel good again so we can get back out there faster!


PURE CBD Gummies

30 Count | 750mg CBD

These gummies are amazing when you need an extra kick for an injury or just for daily support! They are fast-acting, have a delicious flavor and even help with pre-race jitters!


PURE CBD Softgels

30 Count | 3000mg CBD

These Softgels are the perfect companion to both the gel and the gummies! They give daily, long-lasting support and they are perfect for right before a race or in the morning with your vitamins!