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Cascade Business News Highlights our All-Natural CBD

This week, the Cascade Business News highlights the fast growth and farm-to-family advantage that Mission Farms CBD offers. With an excellent summary of our product lines and competitive advantages, the article endorses our all-natural CBD solutions. Thanks, Cascade Business News!

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Bend Growing Region Likened to “Napa Valley for Hemp” Boosts Product Line

Bend-based Mission Farms is ploughing into the burgeoning CBD market with a comprehensive product line utilizing locally-grown, award-winning hemp as part of a unique “farm-to-family” vision.

The company — formed in 2018 and already garnering national media attention as a leading CBD consumer brand — recently held an official launch party at the Liberty Theater in downtown Bend where team members outlined a wide-ranging philosophy aimed at helping people “feel good again — naturally”.

By way of background, CBD (cannabidiol) is an all-natural, organic compound found in hemp, which is a relative of the cannabis plant.

Unlike cannabis, hemp has very low amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound that makes people feel high. In fact, CBD in hemp extract has been proven to offer health benefits without the high.

It has become recognized as one of the most promising known organic compounds that interacts with receptors throughout the body, with recent scientific and medical research revealing its many benefits including treating discomfort, inflammation, stress, insomnia, epilepsy, irritated skin and more.

Many companies may sell a plain old bottle of CBD, but Mission Farms is carving a niche in offering a wide range of CBD-infused products — including muscle gels, bath soaks, creams and tinctures — combined with specific essential oils designed to amplify the impact and provide relief in the areas of rest, relaxation and relief.

Mission Farms CEO Ben Joyce said, “One of our owners had years of troubled sleep. Another struggled with stress. Another has a mom with severe back discomfort. Another has a child with irritated skin.

“We have each had health challenges, or loved ones with health challenges, that the present pharmaceutical options weren’t helping. Either we weren’t getting the relief we desired, the root cause wasn’t being addressed, or we had ongoing concerns with side-effects and overall health risks that came with contemporary treatments.

“We were each introduced in different ways. In some cases it was a friend or family member who said, ‘You ought to give this a try.’ In other cases it was the fruit of research or a helpful article. But we each experienced the all-natural benefits of CBD.

“One of the Mission Farms founders was a pioneer in farming hemp in the state of Oregon. Many said that he was growing the finest crop in the whole state — even the country. And he was doing it without chemicals or pesticides in the natural sunlight and volcanic soil of Central Oregon.

“One thing led to another and some of us joined him in growing hemp in the beautiful farmland surrounding Bend, Oregon. The results kept improving and when farmers and buyers from around the country would come by the comments were consistent: this is the highest quality hemp in the country.

“The lab tests confirmed impressive numbers of terpenes, and all the nutrients that make for healthy plant-based medicine. And our own family members and friends began experiencing the incredible benefits of the cbd oil from our farms, experiencing health and flourishing new ways. It was clear that something special was happening.

“We all have personal stories representing specific needs and we know a lot of other people out there do too, so we formed Mission Farms with a goal of crafting specialty CBD products that target specific health conditions.

“We are a group of families committed to healthy living and the highest quality, all-natural products for our own families.

“So when we started Mission Farms, we were committed to starting a company that would exceed our families’ expectation, as well as yours.”

The hemp raw material is grown outside of Bend, Oregon, in what is affectionately called the “Napa Valley of Hemp” being:

  • Grown in nutrient-rich, volcanic soil
  • Soaked with the natural sunlight of our summer climate
  • Fed daily by the waters of the Deschutes River
  • Therapeutic grade for the most medical benefits
  • Pesticide-free, chemical-free and all-natural
  • Planted and tended by hand

Of the company’s new line of products, Joyce said, “We are thrilled to be creating CBD products that enhance wellness, specifically by reducing inflammation, easing bodily aches, improving sleep and lowering stress.

“We have a mission, just like our name implies, to help people feel good again.”

Mission Farms CBD is dedicated to health and healing through the crafting of all-natural, chemical-free CBD oils and CBD personal care products. Founded in Bend, Oregon, Mission Farms CBD manages its own hemp farms and oversees all aspects of production from Farm-to-Family. The company’s products are derived from responsibly-harvested whole hemp extract, which includes a full spectrum of phytocannabinoids such as CBD, flavonoids, terpenes, and other beneficial hemp components. Everything created by Mission Farms CBD is pesticide-free, non-psychoactive, non-addictive and made-in-the-USA.