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What is the Meaning behind our Company Name?

So, where did “Mission Farms CBD” name come from? It’s a question we get asked and we are happy to share the answer. Our team of co-founders worked hard to find the right name fitting our personal passions while also communicating our unique benefits.

MISSION We believe in making a difference and stewarding the opportunity to positively impact lives. Specifically, our “mission” focuses on:

  • Feel good again – This is our tagline because it reflects our desire to help millions of people feel better and lead healthier lives. It is business doing good in the world.
  • Natural health solutions – We believe finding natural solutions for health problems is better. Any chance to get off, or reduce, the amount of big pharma industrial-produced drugs is a win for the family. We conduct extensive testing before and after packaging our oils to ensure it is the right formulation and you know what you are receiving.
  • Giving back – We also want to be a giving platform to help those people in need. In early 2019, we will begin offering ways to donate to individuals suffering with chronic medical conditions who are requesting CBD but cannot afford it. We believe to whom much has been given, much is expected, and therefore want to help. Generosity is also good for the soul.

FARMSWe believe knowing where your CBD comes from and supporting local farming families is important.

  • Happy hemp – Hemp is happier growing in Bend, OR. Our hemp fields have caught national attention for having the highest quality and yields nationwide and this region has become known as the “Napa Valley of Hemp.” Growing outside in natural sunshine (vs. grow lights in a warehouse), mountain water, dry climate, organic fertilizers and volcanic soil lead to healthier plants and premium hemp oil extract.

This blog post includes a picture of one of our Mission Farms near Bend, OR with the hemp fields and mountains which was the inspiration for our logo.

  • Farm-to-Family – Growing from our local farms, processing locally, and being locally packaged/shipped all in our area supports Made-in-the-USA jobs. Your hemp is not coming from a mega-corp, industrial hemp grow in Kentucky or a pesticide-laden, imported hemp from China. You can feel part of our extended family and story.
  • Hay to Hemp – Most hay farmers grow hay on their farms, but for most it just breaks even financially, at best. They continue growing to keep their property water rights and to keep farming tax credits, but may farming families are struggling. Our team has been able to help many farming families have significant income off their property by growing hemp rather than hay, enabling them to keep their family farm and legacy.

CBDWe believe in selling solutions for feeling healthy, but not high.

  • CBD only – While marijuana is legal in many states (and even the country of Canada now), that’s just not our thing. With all the buzz around CBD, many people have heard about it but don’t feel comfortable going into a marijuana dispensary. Or it can be confusing online and some people might not want to support companies selling both marijuana (THC) as well as CBD products. We made the choice to be a “CBD-Only” company.
  • Hand-crafted solutions – We saw many companies just selling CBD oil in a bottle. We believe this can be confusing and people are looking for specific solutions for sleep, stress, discomfort/inflammation and skin issues. By naming our products to fit those needs and adding targeted essential oils & terpenes that are known to help (like lavender with sleep), it becomes a more effective CBD solution.
  • Mix of formats – While we currently carry oil tinctures and bath soaks, we are excited to be adding a mix of new CBD solutions in 2019 with roll-on, lotion, mints and other form factors to best fit your needs and lifestyle.

So now you know a bit more about our name and story at Mission Farms CBD. Thank you for taking a minute to learn more and hope you continue to enjoy our products and can now share more insight with friends.

Give us a try.  As we have a 100% guarantee you’ll be satisfied and it delivers as promised.