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Rest CBD Gummies with Nano CBD


These delicious, nightly treats combine fast-acting, extra-strength Nano CBD with the proven effectiveness of organically-grown Full Spectrum CBD. Part of our Full Spectrum Max line, we have also added sleep-inducing ingredients like CBN, THC, Lemon Balm and Valerian Root to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and wake refreshed.

Extra Strength: 27mg of cannabinoids per gummy

  • 16mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 5mg CBN
  • 4mg Nano CBD
  • 2mg THC

These gummies are similar to a 47mg gummy due to the high absorption rate of the Nano CBD, making them the most effective CBD gummies for sleep available.

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At Mission Farms CBD, we are committed to crafting the most effective CBD products on the market. We did not release a gummy for sleep until we discovered a combination of all-natural, sleep-inducing ingredients that got exceptional results. These Rest CBD Gummies are guaranteed to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and wake refreshed or we will give you your money back.

  • Fast Acting: Nano CBD is absorbed by your body 3x as fast as regular CBD. Feel the difference in as little as 15-minutes.
  • Extra-Strength: About 6x as much nano CBD is absorbed by your body than regular CBD.
  • Sleepy Time Ingredients: These Full Spectrum Max gummies contain a proprietary blend of cannabinoids and botanicals that are known to help with sleepless nights: CBN, THC, Lemon Balm, and Valerian Root.

This unique combination of Nano CBD and Full Spectrum CBD, plus the other sleep-inducing ingredients, makes these the most effective CBD gummies on the market for getting the rest you need.

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Effective CBD Gummies For Sleep
Nano CBD Gummies - Mission Farms CBD


These CBD Gummies have 27 mg of cannabinoids each, but they have the effectiveness of a 47mg gummy. How does that work? Nano CBD is comprised of very small CBD molecules that are combined with ingredients that make the CBD water-soluble. The result is a type of CBD that your body absorbs more easily. The Nano CBD is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and then into your cells. As a result, you get almost twice as much CBD per Mission Farms gummy than you do with other gummies.

Effective Cannabinoid Content: 47mg per gummy, 1410mg per jar.


Our delicious peaches and cream flavored gummies mean you can “treat yo self” before bed every evening. In creating a bedtime gummy, it had to remind us of a delicious yet healthy dessert. We love this peaches and cream flavor! And we do not feel guilty eating them since they use all natural flavors and tapioca syrup instead of corn syrup.

There was a time in the early days of CBD when you might have to pinch your nose just to swallow the CBD oil. Not anymore. Now the challenge is to stop after just one or two of our sleep gummies.

Man enjoying CBD Gummies for Sleep - Mission Farms CBD

Additional Product Information

Tapioca Syrup, Beet Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Natural Acids (Lactic, Malic, Citric), Natural Colors.

Take 1-2 gummies 30 minutes before bed. Do not take these gummies before driving or operating machinery. Store at room temperature away from light. Keep out of reach of children.

Yes! These CBD-infused gummies are both Vegan and Gluten Free. Vegan CBD gummies ensure that you are not consuming any animal products. Gluten Free CBD gummies ensure that you are not consuming any gluten when you eat these gummies.

Nano CBD is more easily absorbed by your body than regular CBD. Regular CBD is resistant to absorption in water, which is a problem given that our blood is majority water. Nano CBD increases the absorption of CBD by combining the CBD molecule with very small nano-particles that are easily diluted into water. As a result, more CBD enters your bloodstream and cells. Nano CBD is not actually a smaller form of CBD. It is a nanoemulsion: a combination of CBD with natural, nano-sized particles. The technology is widely used by pharmaceutical companies to increase bioavailability.

CBN (cannabinol) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that scientists are now able to extract from the hemp plant in large enough quantities for commercial use. Like most cannabinoids, it has a lot of overlap with the benefits of CBD. However, CBN is growing in popularity as a sleep aid. When CBN is combined with small amounts of THC the combination can have a sedating effect. In human studies, CBN and THC produce some drowsiness on their own, but when they are combined, the effect is magnified.

The Nano CBD in these gummies make them fast-acting. You may feel the effects in as little as 15 minutes, which is much faster than gummies without Nano CBD. Different people experience different effects with CBD. Most often, you will notice that you are calmer and experiencing less discomfort. Since these gummies contain 2mg of THC each, you may feel the effects of the THC if you take two.

How long the effects of the gummies last depends on the individual. We all have different minds and bodies, and we metabolize CBD differently. Generally speaking, the benefits of hemp gummies are experienced for 4-6 hours.

We recommend taking 1-2 gummies about 30 minutes before bedtime. We do not recommend taking more than 2 gummies since they contain 2mg of THC each. Start by taking 1 gummy on the first night. If you would like a stronger dose, try 2 gummies on the second night. We do not recommend exceeding 2 gummies because higher doses of THC can have a negative effect on sleep, whereas low doses of THC (as with these gummies) help with sleep.

The CBD in our gummies comes from our organically-farmed hemp outside of Bend, Oregon. The soil is tested, the hemp is tested, the hemp extract is tested, and then the gummies are tested. That’s four rounds of testing! And each test is performed by a third-party lab. In this way we ensure that our hemp gummies – and all of our products – are free of any pesticides or heavy metals.

Yes, our Rest CBD Gummies contain 2mg of THC each in order to help you fall asleep. The THC is derived from hemp, not marjuana. These gummies are federally legal because they contain less than .3% THC per gummy, in accordance with federal law. Since these gummies contain some THC we do not recommend eating them if you are subjected to drug testing.

These gummies contain 2mg of THC each. Everyone’s bodies are different and metabolize cannabinoids differently. If you are concerned about the effects of THC, we recommend trying half of a gummy the first time you try them and seeing how the gummies affect you.

While it is unlikely that one gummy would make you feel “high,” it is possible if you have a very low tolerance for THC. Taking 2 gummies will not make most people feel “high,” but it is possible that 2 gummies could create some intoxicating effects, especially on an empty stomach. We do not recommend taking more than 2 gummies. Not only does it increase the likelihood that you will experience intoxicating effects, it decreases the likelihood that you will sleep well. A small amount of THC, when combined with CBD, can help you go to sleep. Too much THC may compromise your sleep.

You bet they are! They may be our best sleep product yet, especially when you consider how delicious they taste. These gummies are specially crafted to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake refreshed. Why are they so effective? Glad you asked. The key is our proprietary blend of cannabinoids and botanicals: Full Spectrum CBD, Nano CBD, CBN, THC, Lemon Balm, and Valerian Root.

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 5 in

30 count : Peaches and Cream, 810mg, 2-Pack of 30ct: Peaches and Cream, 60-count total, Travel Size- 10 count: Peaches and Cream, 270mg, 60 count: Peaches and Cream, 1620mg, 30 count: Peaches and Cream, 810mg, 10 count: Peaches and Cream, 270mg