Ease discomfort with our Relieve CBD Bath Soak

Relieve CBD Bath Soak

Our RELIEVE CBD BATH SOAK is a luxury goat milk bath with discomfort-reducing, full-spectrum CBD and organic essential oils. It’s full of healing goat milk, vitamins, and antioxidants that your body will love.

It’s better than a bath bomb!


  • Ease your discomfort
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Hydrate & Exfoliate Your Skin


  • All-Natural
  • Chemical-free
  • Nutrient-rich

3.5 oz. Relieve CBD Bath Soak

175mg CBD

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Enjoy Luxurious Relief

Aches and discomforts rob us of life’s simple pleasures and the joys of new adventures. Medication may help, but they come with their own set of problems. You deserve a better solution for feeling better, whether you’re sore from a hard workout or stiff from arthritis.

With our Relieve CBD Bath Soaks, your whole body is immersed in the healing properties of CBD, goat milk, and essential oils. And rather than feeling like a medical treatment, it feels like a luxurious trip to the spa when you enter the tub. It’s better than a bath bomb.

You may notice our new packaging and size for our Relieve CBD Bath Soaks. They are the same great product, just with new packaging! It’s the same amount of CBD per serving, but no more bulky plastic container.

The Magic of Goat Milk + CBD

CBD is an all-natural, organic compound that interacts with receptors throughout your body that modulate discomfort levels. CBD eases discomfort and goes even further by reducing the inflammation that is often the cause of discomfort. We have combined our premium, full-spectrum CBD with other essential oils and terpenes that help magnify these powerful effects of CBD.

Goat milk is also a magical ingredient. It is very high in MCT (medium chain triglycerides). CBD bonds well to MCT, and MCT is absorbed quickly by your skin. This ensures that the CBD is delivered to your aching muscles and joints as efficiently as possible.

The fact that your skin absorbs goat milk so well also means that it receives intense hydration and vitamins it craves: A, D, E, and K. Goat milk also has superior exfoliating properties due its naturally occurring lactic acid.

What is in a Relieve CBD Bath Soak:

  • Fresh, Raw Goat’s Milk: Naturally exfoliates and supports healthy skin renewal
  • Whole Hemp Extract: premium, full-spectrum CBD straight from our farms
  • Coconut Oil: Extremely moisturizing and skin softening
  • Olive Oil: Loaded with the vitamins your skin craves
  • Palm Oil: Antioxidants combat and reverse harmful UV skin damage
  • Organic Spearmint Essential Oil — Known to ease aches and discomforts. Contains the terpene Limonene which elevates the mood and decreases inflammation, and the terpene Eucalyptal which is an anti-inflammatory.
  • Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil — Contains the terpene Eucalyptal which is an anti-inflammatory.

Instructions for Use

Start a hot bath. Sprinkle in some Relieve CBD Bath Soak as the bath fills. The more you add, the more relief you’ll experience. Expect roughly 4-6 servings per 3.5-ounce bag.


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