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Can you fail a drug test due to CBD?

Can You Fail a Drug Test due to CBD?

No, you will not fail a drug test by taking CBD. But, unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple. You must make sure that you are using CBD products, like Mission Farms CBD products, that have less than .3% THC in them or you run the risk of testing positive. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the issues involved in taking CBD and not failing a drug test. Our estimate is that one would have to consume roughly 40 servings of our full-spectrum CBD within 24 hours to trip the average THC drug test.

The CBD market is constantly growing. New brands, shops, and products are popping up left and right. On the one hand, this is great! This means that you have an abundance of options to choose from- whatever you need, it’s out there.

On the other hand, there are few regulations in the CBD market. It can be difficult to find CBD products that are actually made with high-quality materials, contain what the labels claim, and will give you your desired effect. 

One of the main risks with inaccurate labeling is that you could lose your job from taking CBD. Just look up “CBD made me fail a drug test”, “CBD oil fail drug test percentage” or “CBD oil failed drug test” and you´ll find plenty of stories from people who have failed drug tests because of CBD. These stories are likely the result of people taking CBD that had more THC in it than the label indicated. CBD products can legally contain up to 0.3% THC, so any CBD product with more than .3% THC would not be legally for sale to consumers. But it happens. That is why it is so important to purchase CBD from a company like Mission Farms CBD that provides third-party lab tests

To better understand if the CBD you take could be putting you at risk to fail a drug test, let’s first take a look at how drug tests work in the first place. But rest assured, our Mission Farms CBD products are completely safe and legal, here you´ll see why.

What do drug tests look for? 

There are various reasons why you might have to do a drug test. For situations such as probation, divorce, custody, legal cases, speeding, sporting events, and court attendance, a drug test is usually in place.

Still, there are different types of drug tests, that each look for different things. Drug tests can either test your urine, saliva, perspiration, blood, or hair. The urine drug test is the most common since it’s a simple procedure, shows faster results, and is more cost-effective than the other tests. Urine tests are also the only form of drug tests that can be mandatory by federal law. Urine tests can trace drugs back to a few weeks, even after the effects have long gone.

However, these screenings will only come out positive if the amount of a drug is over a certain level. Cut-off levels in drug tests generally help reduce the chance of having false-positives. If you´ve legally consumed something with trace amounts of hemp or opium, for instance, it shouldn’t be a problem. The substance will only show if it is over the legal threshold. There is also a relatively high chance of urine tests showing a false-negative if the urine is heavily diluted. 

The time span in which a drug can be detected in a urine test depends on how much and how often the drug is used. After a one-time use, it can no longer be detected after just a few days. With heavy and regular use, it can be detected back to a month. If a drug test turns out positive, a second blood-test will usually be needed to confirm it.

Keep in mind, a drug test does not show every substance in your system. If you’re being tested for a specific substance, this is done in a second, more precise screening- which can only be done with your permission!

Why you might fail a drug test due to CBD

If CBD is detected in this second test, there shouldn’t be any consequences. CBD is legal in all US states. The only problem you might have is if the THC level is over the legal limit of 0.3%. Will 0.3% THC show up on a drug test? No, and even if it did, THC up to that amount is perfectly fine. 

Our products at Mission Farms CBD are thoroughly tested for their THC content, and even in our full-spectrum CBD extracts, there´s generally less than 0.15% THC given that we use seeds specifically bred to be low in THC, and high in CBD. For you this means a lower risk and higher reward.

Many quality-tests have been conducted on various CBD products in the past years. The results? Shocking- a surprisingly large percentage of CBD products are mislabeled. Tests show that many products contain more CBD than described, or in some cases even no CBD at all. While this may still seem relatively harmless, there are cases where inaccurate labeling has more severe consequences. A THC content higher than the legal amount could lead clueless consumers to lose their jobs in case of a routine drug test.

Not only is it to be expected of a product to be truthful to its label- it’s absolutely necessary. The law requires that the actual tested CBD amount in a product be within 10% of the stated amount on the label. So, for instance, a 1000mg bottle of CBD needs to legally contain 900mg to 1100mg of CBD to be legal and valid.   

Here at Mission Farms CBD, we triple test the hemp we use. We test the hemp in the field to ensure that it’s naturally high in CBD and low in THC, then we test the hemp extracts to make sure they are clean and free of pesticides, dangerous solvents, or heavy metals, and lastly, we test the final product to guarantee that you’re getting the right amount of CBD, and nothing less.

If you´re certain that the CBD you’ve consumed is legit, then another possible explanation for failing a drug test could be due to second-hand THC exposure. Being around or in the same room with marijuana smoke a few days before a drug test could cause it to show up positive, especially if you’ve been indoors or in a poorly ventilated space.

Consequences of failing a drug test

In the US, CBD products are legal in all states. CBD products with trace amounts of THC are allowed, as long as the THC level is below 0.3%. What happens if a full-spectrum CBD oil drug test comes out as positive? Can CBD make you fail a drug test? Well, the CBD oil might have been mislabeled or you could have massively overdosed on it. Either way, many people unfortunately still don’t quite understand the difference between CBD and THC. Since cannabis carries a bad stigma, it makes it difficult for some people to understand that CBD isn’t an intoxicating drug, which is what the test is supposed to screen for.

You could try explaining the situation and have the CBD products you’ve been consuming checked as well to prove where any traces of marijuana in your system might have come from. You can also ask for follow-up analyses to check that the result showed positive because THC metabolites were detected, and not any other intoxicating drugs.

Different types of CBD

It can also depend on the type of CBD you’re consuming. What are the chances of a CBD failed drug test? Here’s a quick overview:

Full-spectrum CBD: 

Full-spectrum CBD contains all ingredients in hemp. It contains CBD, along with all other natural and valuable ingredients, terpenes, flavonoids, and trace amounts of THC. Obviously only as much THC as is legal. Almost all of our products at Mission Farms CBD are made with full-spectrum CBD. While full-spectrum CBD has the most benefits for us and is the most effective for treatment, it also has a higher risk of showing up positive in a drug test. However, with our full-spectrum CBD products, you´d need to have roughly 40 times the normal recommended dose to fail a drug test. 

Broad-spectrum CBD:

Broad-spectrum CBD contains many of the natural ingredients in hemp but without any THC. Just be sure that the ingredients are true to the label since many full-spectrum CBD products are sold as “broad-spectrum CBD”.

CBD Isolate:

And finally, we have CBD isolates. CBD isolates contain only CBD, nothing more. While it’s the safest option- as long as it´s legitimate- it is also the least effective of the bunch. CBD is less efficient when isolated from other cannabinoids and you’ll also be missing out on all other valuable ingredients in hemp. Still, for those of you who want to stay on the safe side, we also have CBD products made with isolates, containing zero THC! You can read all about it here.

The bottom line

Has anyone tested positive for CBD oil? Yes. Can CBD oil make you fail a drug test? No. At least not as long as it contains what it should. The main reason people fail drug tests due to CBD is because the product was mislabeled. Naturally, consuming more than the legal amount of THC will show up and could get you in trouble.

Always make sure that the CBD you consume is legitimate. You can check for a Certificate of Analysis or reach out and ask the company about the ingredients in their products. If you´re sure a product is high-quality but you´d still rather stay away from THC, then we recommend sticking with CBD isolates. There are many options when it comes to CBD. The easiest way to avoid any risk of failing a drug test is by consuming only high-quality CBD products. 

When choosing the right CBD product, the risks don’t just lie in the THC content, but also in the other ingredients. Products may contain pesticides, harmful chemicals, dangerous solvents, heavy metals, and microbials. In our triple-testing process, we check all final products for molds, solvents, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients and ensure that there are none to be found. You can view our COAs for all of our products here.

If you are searching for a THC-Free product so that you are guaranteed not to fail a drug test, check out our THC-Free Pure CBD Oil and our THC-Free Peppermint CBD Mints. 

The Mission Farms CBD team is committed to providing you with pure CBD products supported with verified third-party lab test results. Our extraction process is also the safest and most-effective way to preserve all beneficial nutrients while keeping out any dangerous or harmful substances. Since we use organic farming techniques on our hemp, as well as all organic added essential oils and coconut oils, you can trust that our final products are fully organic and packed with health benefits.