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Why THC-Free CBD Oil?

You asked, we listened.

Some people want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, but are in professions that require THC testing. For these customers, we have created a THC-Free version of our popular Pure CBD Oil and will soon release another THC-Free product as well. 

Our standard Full Spectrum CBD Oils only contain about .1% THC. We do not get reports of people failing drug tests when using our Full Spectrum CBD Oils. However, we understand that for many it simply isn’t worth the risk. We want to provide these people with the benefits of our high-quality CBD along with the peace of mind that there isn’t THC in the product.

Is there any THC in your THC-Free CBD Oil?

To ensure that there is no THC in our THC-Free CBD Oil, we use 99.8% CBD isolate. It is the best way to make sure that the product is THC-Free. The lab results for our THC Free Pure CBD Oil show that there is no detectable THC in the product.

Should I choose a Full Spectrum CBD product or a THC-Free CBD product?

Our standard Full Spectrum CBD products are our most effective products, do not alter your consciousness, and are highly unlikely to cause you to fail a drug test, so they are the best choice for most people. However, if you may get drug tested for your occupation, or if you are concerned about even trace amounts of THC for other reasons, give our THC-Free Pure CBD Oil a try. 

Will I fail a THC drug test with your current Full Spectrum Oils?

It is unlikely. The legal limit for THC in any CBD product is .3%, which is a trace amount. At Mission Farms CBD, we aim for less than 50% of the legal limit and our present batches of Full Spectrum CBD Oil are about .1% THC. Under moderate use, it is unlikely you will fail a THC drug test. As moderate users of CBD ourselves, we have taken THC drug tests and not tested positive. That being said, if someone is a heavy user of CBD oil and taking 3-10x a typical daily dose, it is possible. Furthermore, everyone’s physiology is different and not all THC drug tests use the same methods. 

If your other products contain some THC, are they at risk of getting me “high”?

No. Our Full Spectrum CBD products do not contain enough THC to make you feel “high.” To ensure this, the federal government has set the THC limit at .3% for any CBD product. Our products are all well below this limit. Our oils are about .1% THC. Our CBD topical products have even lower levels of THC. These levels are perfectly safe for daily use without any altered consciousness.

Is THC-Free CBD Oil as effective as Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Some studies show that the most effective type of CBD is full spectrum CBD. It contains other cannabinoids — in small percentages — that work with the CBD to make it more effective. This is called the “entourage effect”. So for customers who are not subjected to drug testing, we always recommend our standard full spectrum products. However, for customers who are subjected to drug testing, our THC-Free Pure CBD Oil is a great option. It still provides an effective dose of CBD, without any THC.

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